Cannabis Infused Sriracha Sauce: Get Your Hands on this Hot Herb

Steak with sriracha, pepper and lime.

Your everyday condiments and cannabis? Yep – that’s a thing. And, honestly, why wouldn’t it be? It turns out that cannabis pairs with just about everything, even the popular Sriracha sauce.  As BBQ season quickly approaches, condiments emerge from their winter slumber, hoping to “ketchup” on all they’ve missed. Yep, summer marks the perfect time of year to add some bazinga to your bottles.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Infused Sriracha?

sriracha sauceSriracha already comes with a kick, but adding in cannabis packs even more of a punch. You can purchase cannabis sriracha commercially. Saucy Supreme, for example, specializes in it. 

Many people find that making their own is easier (especially if they don’t live in a legal state). The inability for cannabis to be delivered via mail limits the reach of manufacturers and sriracha sauce made with weed isn’t as easy to find as something like pot brownies.

Several recipes exist online (here’s one for you), but if you’re going to venture a try, you’ll need the key ingredients. These include red hot chili peppers (the food, not the band – these can be cherry bomb, serrano, cayenne, etc.); sweet red peppers, garlic cloves, raw apple cider vinegar, water, and salt (because without loads of sodium, no condiment is complete!). Of course, you also need cannabutter as well.

Why this Combo Works

Cannabis and sriracha both cool you down, something that is appealing on hot summer days. The influence of cannabis on body heat is a bit controversial – most people find that it cools them off when consumed in normal amounts but it can also increase body temperature when small amounts, amounts too low to elicit a high, are utilized.

Sriracha also lowers body temp, though many find this surprising. In fact, it follows a similar mechanism as weed. Both activate receptors that invoke a cooling effect. It seems counterintuitive, especially when eating something called “hot sauce,” but cannabis, sriracha, and other spicy foods lead to a cooldown by compelling the body into action. If you swallow a hot pepper, your body reacts to the heat and your brain sends out the signal to sweat. Your armpit listens to the brain and does as its told and the perspiration begins. 

Eating something hot, especially if you have a low tolerance to spice, can also help control the side effects of cannabis. Different strains cause different things to happen inside the body, but dry mouth is a very common side effect of many, many strains. Drinking water helps control this (it may be the only thing that does)…and the more spicy foods you eat, the more water you will drink.

What You May or May Not Know About Sriracha

Sriracha is used in phoSriracha is named after the city Si Racha, which is located in Thailand. It’s used often in Thai food as well as Vietnamese food. It’s used primarily as a dipping sauce in these countries. In Thailand, it’s popular with seafood (and tangier in taste/runnier in texture than the US form) while, in Vietnam, it’s popular in pho. It’s also used for spring rolls.

But it’s not limited to “dipping” status. Just like ranch is used in a variety of things (Doritos, anyone?), so is sriracha. It’s used to flavor potato chips, jellies, and even lollipops.

Sriracha is loved by Americans – even our fast food industry has embraced it. You can find it in the dishes or sauces of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Burger King, and our home planet of Starbucks (to name a few). It’s a popular seasoning for almonds too. Some people eat it with certain foods and others put sriracha on everything.

Other Cannabis Condiments

Many cannabis-infused products already exist on the market – Yummi Karma THC Ketchup? Put it on your burger or dip your fries in this prize. You can also make your own through the magic of cannabutter (ketchup may be fat free, but fat is essential to making an edible.)

You can buy cannabis-infused mustard as well or, making use of the fat already in mayo (who knew it’d come in so handy?), prepare your own cannabis-infused mayonnaise.

But if you want to throw all caution to the wind, embrace the sriracha! 

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