When you hear the word “roach”, creepy critters are usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, we’re not here to talk about bugs that go bump in the night, we’re here to talk about the cannabis roach.  In cannabis, a roach is a slang term used to describe the end of a smoked joint or blunt that is difficult to smoke due to its size. When your rolled smoking device of choice gets this small, you risk burning your lips or fingers from the heat. However, many dedicated smokers do not want to let that last bit of weed go to waste.  Whether you’re looking to cut down on waste or get the most from your precious weed stash, there are many options to smoke a roach until it is completely finished. 

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Roach Smoking Guide

Over the years, experienced ganja-lovers have discovered numerous ways to enjoy your roach until the very last puff. From luxury “roach-clips” to your everyday pair of tweezers, there’s a solution for everyone. 

Bowl or Bong

Sometimes called a “time-bomb”, sticking your roach into a bowl or bong is perhaps one of the most classic solutions to your smoking predicament. Be sure to check that the air path is open and push the roach straight down into the piece’s hole of an already packed bowl. This method allows you to finish the roach and also enjoy a fresh bowl of ganja. 

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Small Binder Clip, Chip Clip, or Paper Clip

If you have a small binder clip, chip clip, or paper clip on hand, these make the perfect roach smoking device. Simply place the roach in the opening and continue smoking as normal. This approach enables you to protect your fingers and mouth from the smoking hot roach. 


Tweezers are in nearly every home, and thus make a great option for your next roach smoke sesh. Pinch the roach in between the arms of the tweezer and you have an instant smoking apparatus. 

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For a more classy route, you may want to seek out a fumette. Typically seen in old school movies, a fumette is a long hollow stick that was traditionally made for cigarettes but also makes a fantastic roach holder. With materials ranging from conventional glass to premium silver, there is something for every price range. 

Roach Clip Necklace

For the perfect blend of style and subtlety, several cannabis-friendly brands have made the jump into stoner jewelry. Popularized by High Society Collection, the roach clip necklace looks like an unassuming piece of jewelry at first glance. Take a second look and you will see the piece features a tweezer-like functionality that allows you to slip your roach into the clip for a stylish and hassle-free smoke. 

Make a Filter

While this is a bit of cheat code as you are left with no roach, many experienced smokers make a filter when rolling up the sticky icky. Whether you decide to roll up your own filter from stiff paper or use a store-bought glass filter, this method eliminates the inconvenience of a roach entirely. 

Bottom Line: Don’t Casually Throw Out Roaches

No matter what approach suits you best, it is best to never casually toss your roaches. Not only is it wasteful, but it can also be potentially harmful.  Just like cigarettes, tossing your roach outside could result in a forest fire, especially in hot, dry regions like California. While cannabis flower and rolling papers are biodegradable, it still does not mean that roaches are necessarily safe for nature. When you toss a roach on the ground you could introduce toxins into the earth or into the waterways.  Aside from potentially harming Mother Earth, you could also cause severe harm to young children. If you discard your roach near a school or playground, you run the risk that a few curious kids will try and smoke it. Therefore, if you are outdoors and do not intend on smoking your roach, please take it with you and toss it in the proper trash receptacle to prevent any type of potential harm.  After all, why toss a roach when there are so many options to make the most of your leftover joint? Instead of throwing out the remnants of a blunt, try any one of our Wikileaf approved roach smoking devices.