Podcasts are more popular than ever. According to one report, 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly, and some 42 million listeners tune into their favorite podcasts each week. With the massive movement of marijuana legalization, pot podcasts have become somewhat of a staple for stoners all over the United States. If you’re a cannabis consumer, pot podcasts are one of the best ways to stay informed (and entertained) about everything there is to know about what’s going on in the wide world of weed. On the following list, you’ll find the top 10 pot podcasts on iTunes, ranging from utterly hilarious to truly informative on every cannabis subject under the sun.

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The Top 10 Pot Podcasts on iTunes

1. CannaInsider

Hosted by Matthew Kind, CannaInsider is one of the most popular pot podcasts available on iTunes. Weekly interviews with the leaders in the rapidly growing marijuana industry offer insight into cannabis trends at the forefront of this ever-expanding industry. Listen to learn about weedIn this highly-rated podcast, you will learn how to create custom cannabis oils, get information from cannabis business owners, find out what states are legalizing, learn how to reduce the cost of electricity in your grow room, and more. You’ll hear thoughts from experts in business, medicine, investing, and more. Episodes are posted on a consistent schedule, and host Matthew Kind has a high level of understanding of the many different branches of the cannabis industry. Interviews are professional, on point, and extremely informative.

2. Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

For anyone interested in growing weed and the science behind it, this podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by KIS Organics, leading experts in the growing industry get together to share their knowledge on growing quality cannabis. Learn about growing your own canabisDiscover everything you need to know about containers, soil testing, nutrient density, growing big buds, and more. The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast is a great place to discover the latest in growing methods and technology. With recreational weed now legal in several states across the country, growing your own is something countless cannabis consumers now have the right to do. The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Project is perfect for anyone who wants to grow their own pot and have a successful harvest.

3. The Ganjapreneur

Interested in getting into the business of legal cannabis? There’s a huge market just waiting to be tapped into. In the Ganjapreneur Podcast, hosts speak directly with leading industry experts, stakeholders, cannabiz owners, growers, and more for those interested in starting up a venture of their own. Topics in the past have included: choosing the right cannabis investments, marijuana marketing strategies, the business side of cannabis retail business, and many more. This pot podcast can school you in a basic ganja business education to help you on your way to running the best cannabis-based business possible.

4. The Adam Dunn Show

The Adam Dunn ShowIf you’re into all things weed, the Adam Dunn Show is one of the best pot podcasts available on iTunes. Each 3-hour weekly episode goes over an in-depth and entertaining topic on cannabis news, culture, rumors, science, and more. You’ll find interviews with business leaders, cannabis lawyers, and professionals in the marijuana medical field. Listeners will be introduced to a wide-variety of information from learning about CBD and the endocannabinoid system, to how to have a clean and healthy garden. Interviews with cannabis masters like Ed Rosenthal and countless leaders crushing cannabis businesses in weed-friendly states make this podcast one of the most informative you can find.

5. Cannabis Economy

This is another awesome pot podcast for anyone interested in the business side of marijuana. Each 30-minute episode of Cannabis Economy chronicles real conversations with real people in the cannabis industry. With well over 300 episodes, there is plenty to be learned from this business-minded pot podcast. From state senators who support cannabis legalization to cannabis business owners and policy experts, Cannabis Economy is full of excellent, informative interviews that are both consistent and high-quality. Learn about what is going on in various states around the nation, hear from leaders in cannabis business, and gain knowledge on various strains, seeds, and things like the real history behind Gorilla Glue #4.

6. State of Cannabis

The State of Cannabis has one of the best varieties of carefully chosen subjects on cannabis culture. Topics take listeners from marijuana’s medicinal effect all the way to “cannabis fashion for the elegant woman.” Learn about cannabis companies, legalization, what’s happening in various states, how cannabis has become commercialized, and more.

7. The Russ Belville Show

Russ Bellville, known as “Radical Russ” in his online presence, is the host of The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville, a pot podcast that highlights several aspects of the wide world of weed. Russ Belville is one of the most recognized voices in marijuana media, touching upon subjects related to news, analysis, statistics, and science in a weekly 30-minute podcast. Cannabis activists take to the streets in New YorkWith a long history of cannabis activism, he is a wealth of weed knowledge. He has interviewed countless celebrities, scientists, athletes, politicians, artists, patients, and entrepreneurs on all the aspects of cannabis you could possibly think of. In recent podcasts, Belville has smashed Sessions and trashed Trump. In one episode he talks about why cracking down on cannabis is “a weed dealer’s wet dream.” Russ Belville tells it like it is. If you’re into all things cannabis, this pot podcast isn’t one to miss.

8. Getting Doug with High

Doug Benson is hilarious. Best known for the cannabis documentary, “Super High Me,” Benson also happens to host a pot podcast on iTunes definitely worth checking out. In Getting Doug with High, Benson sits down with a guest for roughly an hour and gets blazed. Doug Benson is the host of getting Doug with HighPast guests have included Sarah Silverman, Tommy Chong, Jack Black, P-Nut from 311, and more. He’s been getting high and interviewing guests (namely other comedians) since 2014, with hundreds of podcasts to keep you entertained. Anyone looking for a podcast that’s packed with comical cannabis content is likely to end up listening to Doug Benson on the reg. The best way to enjoy this podcast is to smoke weed along with Benson and his featured guest. Getting Doug with High has been described as “genius” and “entertaining from start to end.” This pot podcast is a must. Really, who doesn’t like to get high and laugh hysterically for an hour?

9. The Hash

The Hash is the Green State/San Francisco Chronicle’s weekly pot podcast and offers a great mix of all things related to weed. It’s an eclectic mix of both cannabis news and cannabis culture, offering listeners an experience they won’t find anywhere else on iTunes. Regular episodes of “What’s in Your Canna-kit??” highlight different cannabis products and strains that work best for various needs. Not too long ago, the Hash interviewed Tommy Cappel of Beats Antique about how CBD saved his life. Newbies to cannabis can learn the difference between indica and sativa, while seasoned stoners can learn the art of hash making. Episodes are short and to the point, making this pod podcast and easy listen that doesn’t steer far off topic. Interviews with cannabis journalists and people like George Clinton and the drummer from Blues Traveler will keep you entertained and likely listening to more than one episode in a single sitting.

10. Blunt Business

If you want to know more about the business side of cannabis and its many entrepreneurial options, Blunt Business is an excellent podcast well worth your time. This pot podcasts captures the challenges and opportunities involved in cannabis business, with each weekly episode tailored to a specific avenue led by industry professionals. Listeners will learn everything from successfully decarboxylating cannabis safely at home, to proper planning and structure in business that will result in profitability. Past episodes have covered solutions for cash moving from cannabis companies and why all-natural cannabis cultivation is important. Anyone who wants to become involved with cannabis business or is already running a cannabis-based venture will benefit from this informative and engaging pot podcast on iTunes.