Treat Yourself: Cannabis-Infused Massage Therapy

Treat yourself to a cannabis infused massage

Cannabis massages are an up-and-coming service offered from an increasing number of massage therapists. But, while they may sound like an enticing idea, they aren’t available everywhere; if you see a sign for a cannabis massage in the remote wilderness of northern Georgia, run before all the murdering begins. Still, if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with liberal marijuana laws, you won’t need to search very hard for a rub-a-dub-bud.

What is a cannabis massage?

As you’ve likely guessed, a cannabis massage is simply a massage using marijuana-infused or hemp-derived topical products. It’s not intended to get you stoned, but instead to open your skin’s sensory profile, heal your muscles and tendons, and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Some people do report a sort of “high” from relaxation, but it differs from the high THC elicits.

A cannabis massage works because the cannabinoids in the infused lotions bind to a network of CB2 receptors

These receptors are everywhere in our bodies and activated by either the natural occurring endocannabinoids in our system or phytocannabinoids (like THC and CBD).Massage

Cannabis oils and lotions contain active THC, but it doesn’t induce any sort of tense high. Most topicals can’t breach the bloodstream (and only get into your system through the CB2 receptors).

Where are they available?

According to Massage Magazine, whether or not massage therapists are allowed to use cannabis-infused items depends on their location as well as the type of topical product.

Whenever marijuana is legal for recreational use or medical use (or both), all kinds of laws exist surrounding its application (yay bureaucracy!). Yet, for topicals, that’s not always the case: some states don’t have strict laws regarding lotions. This means that each massage therapist must get information from their state in order to obtain the specifics.

However, cannabis massages are easily found in certain areas where recreational weed is legal. In Denver, for example, a quick internet search returns a variety of choices.

One of these is the LoDo Massage Studio, a business located in lower downtown and offering a Mile-High Massage

Some companies also offer in-home services to those within a limited radius of Denver (if you live in Omaha, you’re probably out of luck).

In states where cannabis isn’t yet legalized, massage therapists probably can’t buy any THC-infused products unless they’re doing it under the cover of night, behind Home Depot. Yet, CBD derived from hemp is legal for purchase and shipment to each and every state. This is because it doesn’t contain THC, or at least not enough to do anything.

The Benefits of a Cannabis Massage

Massage, with or without cannabis, is beneficial to the body. It’s conducive to relaxation and blood flow and aids in relief of sore muscles and tension. Thus, any massage is better than none, but one with weed infused oils do add a little something, something.

It’s no secret that pot is a potent ally in wellness. Even most of those against marijuana for recreational use admit that its beneficial to those who use it for medicine.

It only stands to reason that cannabis, which is known for its restorative properties, goes hand-in-hand with massage. Scientific basis for marijuana pain relief makes it a no-brainer for the ideal complement to squishing your muscles.cannabis oil

There is a myriad of advantages to a rub with a bud. A taste of these include:

Anti-inflammatory aspects: The ability for something to act as an anti-inflammatory is gaining in importance as science links chronic inflammation to the development of many malignancies. But, disease aside, inflammation is a pain in the neck, the back, the rear and really everywhere else.

Cannabis oil, particularly if it’s rich in CBD, soothes sore muscles and joints. The oil offers more pain-relieving effects than the massage alone

Increased muscle relaxation: If you’ve ever had a massage, you probably know how you feel afterwards: like a bowl of pudding. Massages relax you, you go in feeling like the Tin Man and exit feeling like the puddle that the Wicked Witch melts into. Weed is a relaxant as well; when you put the two together, you get a more potent effect.

The cannabis oil, because it helps minimize discomfort, also enables the massage therapist to penetrate your muscles deeper, which results in greater relaxation than a massage where you spend most of your time screaming in agony and clawing at the table.

Reduction of stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety are all around us; there’s a surefire way to tell if someone has stress in their life: they’re awake. From jobs to money to the child who spends more time in detention than they do in their home, everything and anything hits us emotionally. And, of course, this lack of emotional health impacts our physical health too.

A cannabis massage won’t make your worries lift away – if you’re worried about money, you won’t leave the massage parlor having won Power Ball. But that’s not the point: the aim isn’t to reduce the stress; it’s to reduce the impact the stress has on your sanity.

Improved skin tone: Massage provides relief in seconds: muscles and joints react immediately to touch. Add in cannabis and that stimulation is heightened. And that works in your benefit when it comes to skin.

Cannabis helps open pores, tighten skin, revitalize, and leave you looking younger (which, if you’re twenty, you might not necessarily want)

The skin is the largest organ in your body and, like all organs, needs to be tended to in order to keep it working, and looking, its best.

Reduction of chronic pain: Cannabis is helpful for acute pain, that’s why it’s used to things like migraines and menstrual cramps. But it’s useful for chronic pain too. girl-stretchingAnd so is deep tissue massage. Cannabis oil and massage work together to help muscles and tendons heal, to loosen rigidity, and to increase blood flow to the areas of your body that need it the most.

Massage alone offers a slug of perks for your health. Mix in cannabis and these perks grow higher: the stuff in joints is good for your joints (and everything else too).

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