Cannabis-Infused Turkey: Bringing Mary Jane to Thanksgiving Dinner

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner (get out of the way, Halloween), many people have turkey on the brain. In states where marijuana is now recreationally legal, this day of gratitude provides us with many things for which to be thankful – our health, our family, and our stash! But Thanksgiving ups the ante in more ways than one – that’s because there’s such a thing as cannabis-infused turkey.

Making Weed Infused Turkey

Legit dispensaries sell weed-infused edibles of all sorts of variety, so if you’re looking for a little bomb in your tom, chances are you can find somewhere that peddles it. But you can make your own too.

A recipe from the Baked Series gives you everything you need to make Thanksgiving dinner that is a real weed winner. The gist of the recipe is as follows:

  • Make butter infused with cannabis using water, unsalted butter, and ¼ ounce of marijuana. Make this in advance as it needs to cool overnight.
  • Create the marinade using your cannabis-infused butter from above, stock, maple syrup, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and garlic.
  • Rub the turkey down with cannabis-infused butter, salt and pepper then inject the marinade.
  • Cook the turkey as you normally would (i.e., in several long hours, it’ll be ready).

Cannabis Infused Turkey Sandwiches – Coming and Leaving a Deli Near You

Of course, this idea isn’t a novel one – there’s cannabis-infused everything! Seriously – cannabis-infused cannabis will one day be a thing! In fact, a deli in Colorado tried to make cannabis-infused turkey mainstream earlier this year. Per 9 News, Cook’s Fresh Market put weed-smoked turkey sandwiches on their menu. But it didn’t last. A news feature gave them away.

Cannabis-infused turkey

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When the authorities heard that a regular old deli was selling marijuana-infused foods, they intervened on the basis of it being completely illegal. Colorado is, as we all know, a legal state but that doesn’t mean anyone can sell marijuana.

Denver Environmental Health sent inspectors over to Cook’s Fresh Market where it was deemed that they didn’t have a license to dispense dope. There was also a concern regarding cross-contamination and the idea that people may unwittingly get some THC with their BLT. The owners were forced to destroy their inventory by pouring bleach over the cannabis meat. But there was no word on whether or not the owners would face any kind of harsher punishment. Since those involved had willingly let the news air their story, it’s possible that they had no idea they were doing anything wrong in the first place.

Turkey Tips with THC

Thanksgiving is a popular time to break out the bong, but sometimes this can backfire. Did your turkey dinner end with your face down and asleep in your mashed potatoes? That’s what you get for bringing that extremely potent indica as your plus one.

So, as you pull up a chair to the family dinner table, heed these tips (or ignore them completely – I’ll never know):

Remember your mother is watching: Many of us spend Thanksgiving with our family members. If your parents don’t know you use pot – or don’t approve – refrain from getting too high before you pass the peas. If you do, it’ll become a thing – you know it will.

Choose the right strain

As mentioned above, a too-potent indica can leave you groggy and tired and not up for much on turkey day. But a too potent anything can leave you eating everything in sight. You may already do this anyway, so it’s something to be aware of. The munchies and Thanksgiving may translate to extra pounds none of us want.

This isn’t to say using cannabis will cause you to indulge in things you’d never otherwise touch, but if you’re already fighting weight or don’t want the munchies, try strains lower in THC.

Be aware of what contains cannabis: If you’re attending a regular family dinner, odds are the gelatin salad and cranberry sauce aren’t laced with marijuana. But if you’re at a pro-pot gathering, it’s worth asking for clarification. If you ingest too much cannabis, it won’t kill you, but it’ll ruin your Thanksgiving. You’ll find yourself curled up on the floor, paranoid that the Snoopy float from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is somehow going to jump out of the television and strangle you.


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