Honey oil is a popular nickname for hash oil, a potent cannabis concentrate. The name comes from its amber color and honey-like consistency. You can smoke it, rub it on your skin, eat it, or most commonly, dab with it. 

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Identifying honey oil 

You may also see honey oil referred to as hash oil or cannabis oil. Despite its name, it doesn’t look all that much like oil. It’s very thick and sticky and will attach itself to anything that touches it. You will have a much tougher time removing honey oil from a surface than say, olive oil, or even CBD oil from a dropper.  While honey oil may conjure a specific image, it doesn’t always look the same. Some honey oil is very light in color while others are dark. Typically its appearance is a direct result of how it was extracted and what remains in the final product. 

How honey oil is made 

There are several ways to make this cannabis concentrate, some easier done at home than others.  Honey oil can be made with a high-proof alcohol (think Rick Simpson style) and ground cannabis buds. There are a few different methods, from using a double boiler and stirring to soaking the buds in alcohol and allowing it to evaporate over time. Be sure to use safe-for-consumption alcohol for this process and do thorough research if you plan to make it from home.  Another common method for making honey or hash oil is to use butane. Butane hash oil (BHO) is made by placing cannabis in a long tube or pipe and adding butane. The cannabinoids get extracted into a dense goo which we know as BHO. We don’t recommend trying to make BHO at home, as it can be dangerous or even deadly if done improperly. 

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Honey oil uses

Honey oil is a popular choice for dabbing. There are other uses, such as adding some to a joint for smoking or even consuming it like an edible, but dabs remain a popular method of choice.  It can also be used to make shatter and wax for easier dabbing. Shatter comes in small glass-like sheets that are easy to work with and not very messy. Wax can be soft and viscous or more firm and crumbly.  Honey oil is extremely potent and can get users higher than say, a regular joint would. So if you’re someone with a high tolerance, honey oil may be a good choice for you to quickly get the recreational buzz you’re looking for.  It’s important to note honey oil’s potential to help medical cannabis users, particularly for those who have been using cannabis for a long time. Medical users should not suffer because their tolerance has increased. Honey oil can deliver a potent amount of cannabis in just a small dose. 

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a potent cannabis extract, honey oil may be a good choice. Some people can make it from home using alcohol, but making it with a solvent like butane from home is a big no-no. Honey oil can also be picked up from a dispensary.  Whether you use cannabis for medical or recreational uses, there may be some benefits to using honey oil over regular flower, the biggest being potency. 

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