12 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Cannabis

Bet you didn't know these things about cannabis

We compiled a list of 12 cannabis facts that seem so outrageous they must to be true.

It’s In The Air

In 2012, a study conducted in Italy found that trace amounts of cannabis can be detected in the air in eight different Italian cities! Researchers studied the air in Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna, Palermo, Turin, Naples, and Verona for traces of psychotropic substances such as cocaine, cannabis, nicotine, and caffeine. While Turin was found to have the highest total concentrations of these substances, Florence and Bologna were found to have the highest concentrations of cannabis. But don’t book your flight yet, the amounts detected were not high enough to produce a contact high or have any effect on unsuspecting folks walking the streets of Italy!

Milk, It Does A Body Good

Did you know that breast milk naturally contains many of the same cannabinoids found in marijuana? Did you know these cannabinoids are actually extremely vital for proper human development?

It turns out that without these cannabinoids, infants would not know how to eat or have the proper desire to do so

Those “munchies” play a vital role in infant nutrition in addition to boosting immune function and protecting the brain and nervous system.

One On Every Corner

12 facts When we think of prolific businesses with massive market saturation, Starbucks inevitably comes to mind but, Starbucks has nothing on cannabis in Denver, Colorado!  Huffington Post reports that dispensaries now outnumber Starbucks in Denver and dispensaries are creeping up on the 400 mark leaving the pot to Starbucks ratio at nearly 2 to 1! That’s an impressive market share!

Much Ado About Puffing

Why write I still all one, ever the same,

And keep invention in a noted weed…

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 76

Anthropologists reported finding cannabis residue on fragments of a pipe found in William Shakespeare’s garden in 2001 and in 2011, there was even a request to open his grave to search for signs of cannabis in his hair and fingernails. While the great bard was never exhumed to confirm, it’s widely thought the playwright may have had an herbal muse.

Making The Best of a Bad Situation

When 33 Chilean miners were trapped underground for 69 days in 2010, it turns out people were doing their best to keep the miners’ spirits up, way up high! Marijuana and porn were apparently smuggled to the miners in letters sent down a communications shaft. Unfortunately, some of the lucky recipients forgot their cannabis etiquette and forgot to puff, puff, and pass to their comrades on the left! This resulted in some jealousy amongst the men and “created more tension than it relieved” according to New York Times journalist Jonathan Franklin.

Taking It To The Grave

A 2,700 year old grave in the Yanghai Cemetery in the Gobi Desert was found to have 28 ounces of cannabis interred alongside a 45 year old man. In 2008, a group of researchers explored this interesting find. While the cannabis had lost its distinctive scent, it was still green and appeared to be ground for medicinal or religious purposes. Even more intriguing is a find made in October of 2016 of another man buried around the same time who had 13 cannabis plants draped diagonally from his chin to his pelvis, essentially creating a shroud of cannabis. Nobody knows why these men were buried with cannabis featuring so prominently in their final resting place, but it appears cannabis has been a very important part of life for a very long time.

Dodging The Draft

Cannabis fibers played a vital role in WWII since the US experienced shortages of many necessary fibers thanks to the Japanese cutoff of imports. In fact, cannabis fibers were so badly needed that farmers and their sons who cultivated it were excluded from the draft! Check out this video entitle “Hemp for Victory” that the US government created in 1942!

This Little Piggy Went To Market

Pigs in Bhutan, a country located on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas, are fed cannabis to induce hunger and increase their appetites, making these little piggies plump for human consumption. Surprisingly, cannabis is so abundant in Bhutan that it is seen as a nuisance or weed and is not typically used as an intoxicant locally. Instead, this widely available crop is used for livestock feed and sometimes fiber.

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

In order to overdose on cannabis, you would have to consume 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes! That’s 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of pot found in a normal joint! To quote Administrative Law Judge Francis Young in the ruling that established this ratio, “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”

The First Biological Car

Ford-Hemp-Car- 12 facts Henry Ford was ahead of his time in many ways and while we don’t typically associate the father of the assembly line with eco-friendlytransportation, his first Model T was actually made from hemp and made to run on hemp fuel! His hemp plastic was ten times stronger than steel and exponentially more environmentally friendly than the evolution the automobile would eventually make.

Easter Island Wasn’t Built In A Day

California State University Long Beach archaeologist, Carl Lipo, unraveled a perplexing mystery in 2012. For years, scientists had tried to determine how the Easter Island statues, weighing in at an astonishing 4.35 metric tons each, were moved, suggesting everything from logs to aliens. However, Lipo’s crew was able to determine that by using 3 simple hemp ropes and 18 people to rock the statue back and forth, the statues could be moved 100 meters in less than an hour!


Rastafarians in Italy are free to smoke and possess as much cannabis as they like!

Because cannabis is considered to be a religious sacrament for Rastafarians, Italian courts have ruled that they may partake as they like under the protection of their religion. Rastafarians are a rare breed in the pasta capital of the world though and it took a hard fought battle for them to gain recognition and exclusion from prosecution as traffickers based on the amount of cannabis they smoke.

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