It’s hard to think of Hollywood without thinking about Sunset Strip (the street, not the movie, but, hey, that too). Sunset Boulevard has a reputation of a road paved by fame – forget asphalt, these streets are paved with ambition. It’s one of the quintessential tourist spots for anyone hoping to take in the surrealism of La-la Land or spy a A-list celeb picking their nose at a crosswalk (see, they're just like us!). Cannabis Dispensaries Near the Sunset Strip Of course, Sunset Boulevard isn’t all Gucci and Versace – there are plenty of areas that bring it back down to earth. It’s an eclectic street, one where you can stay in luxury hotels, check out seedy dive bars, dine finely (or not so finely), peak in the windows of mansions (bring binoculars or camouflage), breathe in some rock and roll, buy plenty of guitars, and lust for the beach. It’s a twenty-two mile stretch from the central and western areas of Los Angeles County to the Pacific Coast Highway. Essentially, it runs from downtown LA to the ocean. Helpful hint of the day: Stop driving when you get to the shore.

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The boulevard itself used to be longer – it stretched further east until 1994 when the eastern portion was renamed “Cesar Chavez Avenue” in honor of – you guessed it – Cesar Chavez! (Good job!)

While the drive is scenic, especially if you don’t live in LA and are awed by the surroundings, it has some perilous areas. This isn’t surprising given the traffic that plagues Los Angeles – per Business Insider, Los Angeles is the most congested city in the nation. Thus, be sure to focus on Hondas and Fords instead of Harrison Fords.

The Sunset Strip

The most famous portion of Sunset Boulevard isn’t even two miles long: The Sunset Strip is officially 1.5 miles. It goes through West Hollywood and borders Beverly Hills. It’s best known for its nightlife – in some ways, it’s a mini-Las Vegas, but without the casinos. What it does have, however, are rock clubs, nightclubs, huge and vibrant billboards, and shopping. The venues are hip and trendy and known to attract many celebrities as well as people just looking for the party. Once upon a time, it was a haven for prostitution too. But that largely ended with police raids in the 1990s—or at least, circa 2017, it’s hidden better.

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5 Dispensaries Nearest the Sunset Strip

In the present era, you might be more likely to find a pot shop than a pross. In fact, there’s plenty of dispensaries near Sunset Strip. And here we’ll shine the light on a few: AMG Pre-ICO: is located at 641 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 200, Los Angeles, 90049. They have over fifty strains and advertise that that includes something for everyone on every budget.  First time patients receive a free gram of flower and they have plenty of specials (like Munchie Mondays where you buy two edibles and get one free). They’re also pet-friendly, so bring your dog along. Cannabis Dispensaries Near Sunset Boulevard Or your cat—if you’re super brave or insane. Sunnyside Collective: is located at 1035 Gayley Avenue, Los Angeles, 90024. They’re particularly interested in first-time customers and offer deals for newbies to the doobies (or at least newbies to their doobies) that range from 20-25 percent off. They also have a refer a friend program and a 420 Rewards Program. They sell a variety - flowers, shatter, edibles – and advertise “quality cannabis in the heart of Westwood Village.” They even have something called Shatterday, which takes place on Saturdays and offers deals on concentrates. One Stop Collective: is located at 7225 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, 90015. They offer deals for first-time patients and have a wide-range of edibles and concentrates (with affordable prices). MedMen West Hollywood: is where Jon Hamm gets his weed (just kidding, I have no idea if that’s true…please don’t sue me). They’re located at 8208 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046. Their tagline is “Setting industry standards with an immersive experience.” They were recently featured on a CNBC documentary series where their business was lauded for its slickness and merchandising. MMD: is located at 1515 N. Cahueng Blvd, Los Angeles, 90069. Per their site, they are a “Premiere cannabis dispensary that is solely dedicated to 100 percent excellence when it comes to your medical marijuana needs.”

They pride themselves on stocking high-grade products, a wide-selection, a clean menu, and their deals

They also strive to offer a solid customer service experience and they advocate for efficiency and discreetness when needed. Sunset Strip is, as mentioned about, a mainstay for tourists – if you want to experience LA, it’s the place to go. But for those who live nearby, knowing a bit about the local dispensaries helps too. Especially with recreational marijuana on the horizon. T-minus four months and counting.

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