5 of The Best Dispensaries Near Disneyland

Dispensaries near Disneyland


Unfortunately since cannabis legalization in California all of the Anaheim dispensaries have shut down. We’ll update this guide once pot shops start popping up in the Anaheim area. Until then, check out dispensaries in Santa Ana, 30 minutes away!

Disneyland might be geared towards children, but it’s a place adults love too. Built back in 1955, it’s the only Disney park that was developed under Walt Disney’s direct supervision. And it certainly knew how to make an entrance: it was unveiled during a press event televised on ABC.

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It’s changed over the years, of course, adding several additions including an entirely new park (Disney California Adventure Park that was built in 2001). It’s also removed and added rides, usually as a result of new movies and new characters.

To say Disneyland is popular is an understatement – theme park experts predict that about 44,000 people enter the park each day

Since 1955, it’s played host to more than 600 million people, or twice the population of the entire US. It’s a huge employer too. It employs 25,000 staff members, with 30 different languages spoken among them.

Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth

While Disneyland has long held the reputation as being the “Happiest Place on Earth,” it’s certainly not the highest place on earth. cannabis dispensaries near disneylandDisney isn’t down with dope – Goofy isn’t getting goofy in the back of Space Mountain.

Disneyland specifies in their rules that cannabis isn’t allowed on the park’s premises, not even medical marijuana used as a treatment for a disease. But Mary Jane isn’t the only person non-grata – Jim Bean is also outlawed (as well as other types of alcohol), strollers over a certain size, scooters, toys that look like weapons (yes, even squirt guns), and actual weapons.

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As for alcohol specifically, Disneyland has quite the reputation for being dry, but they do serve alcohol in one place: Club 33

Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square – it’s one of the most exclusive restaurants in the entire world. Members are extremely limited, but finances usually limit people all on their own: membership costs 10,000 dollars per year and that doesn’t even include the 25,000 dollar initiation fee….per person. Club members include presidents, world dignitaries, and celebrities.

Marijuana Near Mickey

While marijuana isn’t allowed on the likes of the Matterhorn, there’s nothing stopping dispensaries from being Mickey-adjacent. And some of those that hope to M-I-C, see you real soon, include:

Anaheim Wax on Wax: is located at 1611 Euclid St., Anaheim, 92802. They advertise “the best prices and medicine in town.” They also offer daily deals, including 10 percent off edibles on Mondays and Wheel Wednesdays (where you can spin the wheel for prizes).

Anaheim Patient Care: is located at 1671 W. Katella Ave. Suite 135, Anaheim, 92802. They were votedispensaries near disneylandd the number one dispensary in Orange County and they offer delivery. They also have a ton of variety, with a full selection of CBD products, extracts, edibles, and over 90 different strains to choose from. They have tons of deals too, including a Concentrate Happy Hour.

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Quad City Essentials: is located at 720 South Euclid St. Suite 6, Anaheim, 92802. They specialize in high-quality medicine as well as CO2 concentrates. They also pride themselves on having a knowledgeable staff and a fun, festive atmosphere.

Anaheim Collective 25 Cap: is located at 10618 Katella Ave. Anaheim, 92804. They’re a pet-friendly dispensary that features a happy hour, games and prizes, a ten percent discount for veterans, cancer patients and those with disabilities, and deals that change with the day. You can also save money if you stop by in the morning:

Go between the hours of 10 a.m. and noon for the early bird specials

GTR Green Tree Remedy: is located at 8871 Katella Ave., Anaheim, 92801. It’s a medical marijuana collective that stocks hash, sativa, indica, wax, pipes, vaporizers, edibles, wax, and flowers. They also offer free samples, giveaways, games, and top shelf specials. We know, they had you at “free samples.”

While taking pot into Disneyland will probably get you escorted off by Sheriff Woody (at least if you get caught), there’s plenty of land outside the gates that allow you to imbibe. Just do it at your own risk; the Haunted Mansion is a lot scarier when you’re paranoid.

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