When cannabis grows naturally, it grows up in one single stalk. This single stalk will produce one large cola, with some smaller colas on lower branches. And while letting cannabis do its thing naturally will yield some good bud, there are ways to manipulate your plants to increase your yields. Many experienced growers will use a trellis for growing cannabis, which not only increases yields but also keeps plants healthy and strong.

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What is Trellising?

Bamboo for a trellis

Trellising cannabis helps to support or train plants during the growth cycle. Trellis is usually made from wood, bamboo, metal, or plastic rods and allows for gentle manipulation of your plants so they receive adequate light to each branch. Where topping plants will help them to branch out and develop more colas, trellising can help direct growth, support plants as colas develop into heavy buds, and increase space between buds.

There are both horizontal and vertical trellising techniques. Vertical trellis typically uses bamboo, metal, or wood rods to create a frame around the plant with connecting pieces running through and around it. This allows for the support cannabis plants need as buds become heavier and need support during flower. Horizontal trellising is typically made out of softer materials like netting or screens with holes and allow plants to grow through the trellis as they mature.

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Trellising is beneficial for both indoor and outdoor cannabis grows, and if growing with the purpose of producing large yields, it can tremendously help you reach your goal.

Best Trellis for Growing Cannabis Indoors

Trellising cannabis plants works awesome for indoor grows, as the grow light is focused strictly on the tops of the plants. Using trellis allows you to manipulate your plants so each branch receives equal light, rather than light just reaching the top of the canopy.

Indoor cannabis growOne of the best ways to trellis indoor cannabis is to first create a row out of your plants that allow you to get to every part of them during the growth cycle.  Trellis netting works excellent for indoor grows set up in such rows. Once a frame has been established on the outside of these rows, all you need to do is attach the trellis to the frame over your roll of plants. Just remember, your horizontal trellis needs to be attached flat and taught to the frame in order to support plants as they begin to grow heavier as buds develop during the flowering cycle.

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Indoor trellis should be set up early (2-3 weeks into veg) to allow plants to grow up through the netting. This also ensures that you don’t damage plants later in the growth cycle by manipulating separate stalks through the grid or netting. As plants begin to grow and reach the netting, you will need to weave each top into the netting.

If your plants begin to get heavy and start to collapse to one side, another layer of trellis can be installed above the first one. Once you’ve got the second layer installed, simply weave the tops that were flopping over, and they will receive the support they need.

Best Trellis for Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Growing outdoors is an entirely different story than growing ganja inside. When grown outdoors, cannabis plants can become huge. To increase yields of large outdoor plants, growers will use various topping methods that allow for the production of several colas rather than one large stalk. Trellising outdoor cannabis plants that have been topped will offer the support they need when colas begin to mature and become heavy.

There are several different ways to create trellis for outdoor cannabis plants. A common method is to use a metal cage that surrounds the plant. This should be done when the cannabis plant is in the pot it will finish out its growth cycle in so the plant isn’t damaged when it has reached advanced maturity. The metal cage offers the support for growing branches that will continue to grow off each part of the plant that’s been topped.

Bamboo stakes are also a popular trellis option for growing cannabis outdoors. When the plant is in its early stages of growth, bamboo stakes can be used to create a frame around the entire pot. Simply place 5-6 stakes in the dirt on the outer edges of the pot. Doing this when plants are young ensures that you don’t cause any root damage to the plant once it has matured. Adding more stakes horizontally and tying them to the outer frame with garden ties or tape will give plants the extra support they need when they begin to produce the heavy buds you’re aiming for.

Tomato cages also make a great trellis option for outdoor cannabis plants. They are an easy and effective way to give your plants the support they need. Just as with bamboo stakes, tomato cages should be put in the pot the plant will complete its life cycle in at the early stages of vegetative growth. If needed, you can add horizontal trellis inside the tomato cage to support any branches that need it.

Trellis WILL Improve Your Cannabis Grow

Trellising your cannabis plants is a huge benefit for growers who want to increase their yields. It allows for more light to reach each branch, resulting in more buds in the end. It’s important to remember to top or pinch plants as well to ensure that you’re creating the biggest, bushiest plants you can instead of only one main stalk. Trellising cannabis plants is one of the best things you can do to maximize your harvest. And isn’t that the goal of every grower?

Whether growing indoor or outdoor cannabis plants, a trellis is something that will dramatically improve your grow. The support trellising offers is truly unsurpassed for plants to grow to their maximum potential and become heavy with big, dense nugs.