The Best Strains To Help You Be Creative

These strains encourage creativity

Cannabis consumers are a crafty and creative bunch. Getting high and getting creative pretty much go hand in hand. Who doesn’t smoke weed before they crochet a sweater (okay, maybe your grandma) or sit down to scrapbook? Cannabis is awesome for expanding the mind and lending a bit of creative inspiration. Not all strains, however, are going to put you into a state of imaginative bliss.

Some cannabis strains are better than others for sparking creativity. If you’re looking to get down on making paper flowers, wrapping crystals and gemstones, or making beaded jewelry, there are certain strains that can lend a creative hand. Next time you’re looking to get crafty after a few hits of cannabis, look no further than the following strains to inspire your artistic nature.

8 Strains to Inspire Your Inner Creative Crafting Genius

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most popular strains of all time ever. Jack herer is good for inspiring creativityThis sativa-dominant hybrid named after lifelong cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes is one of the best for quickly getting your mind going. The energizing high Jack Herer elicits is known for sparking creativity and a clean, alert sense of focus. And while Jack Herer is predominately sativa, it’s somewhat of a mellow high that makes socializing seriously pleasurable. It’s the perfect strain for attending an arts and crafts night at a local venue or hosting your own creative get-together.


An indica-dominant hybrid known for its super cerebral, trippy high, LSD is a good one for turning on the imagination. LSD will get you high, but like really high, reminiscent of the first few times you got high, high. While not recommended for newbies or first-time cannabis consumers, LSD is a great strain for getting crafty and letting the creative juices flow. It’s also a pretty stellar strain for inspiring sociability even though its fairly extreme head high.


Try Nebula when you need to get creativeThis award-winning indica-dominant hybrid has a sweet honey flavor that won’t disappoint. Nebula, sometimes referred to as Starcloud, is a strain that will almost instantly incite an extremely energizing, almost psychedelic state of mind. Just the state of mind that is perfect for getting your craft on. Nebula is a bit of a mixed bag. Some consumers say it makes them feel alert, focused, and creative, while others claim its more of a mellow meditative high. With its strong indica genetics it can make users feel a bit lazy, it’s still an awesome strain for getting crafty.

Green Crack

As one of the most popular sativa strains of all time, Green Crack is perfect for provoking the creative genius within. The welcoming boost of energy Green Crack offers makes it the perfect wake and bake strain, although you could use it any time of the day you want to get up and go. It’s got a thing for making even the most boring tasks seem interesting and can take crafting to another level altogether. Like its name suggests, Green Crack will give you all the energy you need and then some. Whatever details your next crafting project entails, Green Crack can offer a perfect eye for detail and laser-sharp focus.


Jilly Bean is one of the best strains to be creative withAs one of the best strains for inspiring a good mood, Jillybean could be considered a go-to for smokers looking for a creative boost of energy that keeps them engaged in their craft. One user called Jillybean “a vacation in a flower” due to its positive sativa energy and mild body high that makes you stimulated in the most mellow way. It’s great for getting the giggles on, while also initiating an awesome social energy. With its unprecedented ability to boost creativity, Jillybean is a perfect strain to pick up the next time you’re ready to get down on a good arts and crafts sesh.

Purple Haze

Any strain that Jimi Hendrix names a song after has got to be good. Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is known to generate creative thought followed by inspired action. The mentally stimulating effects of this strain that tastes berries and hits smooth will quickly leave users with a strong head high. Whatever craft project you’re working on will be enhanced by the effects of Purple Haze, taking your level of creative pursuit to one of the highest levels possible. It can also bring a new light to any analytical ventures you’re currently involved in.

Durban Poison

Hello pure sativa. Durban Poison is a well-known landrace strain from South Africa that is excellent for any creative project you’ve got going on. The clear, focused high that Durban Poison offers is one that will keep consumers going for hours without any heaviness whatsoever. It’s awesome for keeping your mind focused on what you’re doing in the present moment, which is why its often prescribed for patients with attention deficit disorders. The high will last 2-3 hours, helping you zone in on the task at hand while making you feel at ease in whatever it is you’ve taken on.

NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is a mainly sativa hybrid that has won several Cannabis Cup Awards in its lifetime. It’s one of the best wake and bake strains available, offering an energizing high that makes most things seem interesting even if they’re not. It’s perfect for those moments you need an extra boost of creativity and will put an interesting twist on any craft you’ve got yourself engaged in. What’s great about NYC Diesel is its ability to get you going but keep you mellow at the same time. It offers some super relaxing effects coupled with a great head high, perfect for sitting by the fire and working on that sweater or sitting down with your vacay scrapbook and pasting in pictures from your last few getaways.

Getting crafty is one endeavor often made much more interesting with cannabis. Try any of these strains when engaging in your next creative pursuit and your inspiration will be 100 percent enhanced. 

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