Try These THC Infused Coffee Brands

Cannabis and coffee go hand in hand

Of all the cannabis products that are available on the market today, cannabis coffee could possibly be one of the best inventions yet. Combining the two together is genius, offering a balanced buzz that wakes the soul and stirs the senses.

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, its culinary profile is evolving. Where pot brownies once ruled, today there are an endless variety of products to choose from. Cannabis coffee is one of them, offering not only an excellent way to get your morning started right but a discreet way to consume your cannabis (especially on your morning commute).

Cannabis and coffee are a great combinationHippies and beatniks have been consuming java and cannabis together since the 1960s, sipping on espresso and smoking joints since cannabis counterculture began. Many speculate that cannabis coffee sold in the retail market is only the beginning.

Some cannabis entrepreneurs believe its only a matter of time before businesses begin offering on-demand cannabis-infused cups. Just a drop of concentrated cannabis oil would be needed to take your everyday cappuccino to a whole new level. “Starbuds” could easily become the next big thing as the cannabis coffee market starts to mature.

Until then, you can enjoy an array of cannabis-infused coffees that are available in select legal states throughout the US. Your morning wake and bake will never be the same.

Ganja Grindz

Ganja Grindz won first place in the 2016 Cannabis Cup for edibles for a reason. Ganja Grindz is an award winning cannacoffee companyTheir cannabis brew is quite possibly the best you can find. The Roastmaster’s Blend is brewed with fair-trade beans that have been roasted to perfection and pairs perfectly with the 75mg of THC that’s added to each bottle.

Ganja Grindz’s brew cups were also created to fit any Keurig coffee maker and come in several options for THC dosages. Anyone who isn’t into coffee will also find a fabulous line of cannabis-infused tea bags and other specialty drinks.


Not only do we love the play on words, but Pot-O-Coffee makes a darn-fine cup of cannabis-infused joe. This is another cannabis coffee company that specializes in Keurig-style pods, with each pod filled with a blend of CBD or THC in several different dosages. Need a heavy hitter to get your day started right? Pot-O-Coffee has you covered. 100mg K-cups are available, along with infused doses of 10 and 50mg for those who prefer a smaller dose.

Java isn’t everything this California company has created. They’ve also got cocoa and green tea for those who aren’t as partial to java as the rest of us.

Brew Budz

Coffee beans and cannabis are a great combinationWe love how convenient Keurig coffee makers are. What we’re not particularly wild about is the waste that goes along with them. Brew Budz has taken care of this by creating compostable pods that will break down when disposed of. Their patented in-pod extraction process gives you more than just THC in every cup. They’ve created a cannabis drink that offers whole plant healing, including terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabis components.

Canyon Cultivation

Canyon Cultivation makes the perfect cannabis coffee for consumers who don’t want to get too high. Each attractively packaged bottle comes with only 10mg of THC combined with the finest-quality Guatemalan beans. This Colorado-based company brews in small batches to ensure you’re getting the finest, freshest cannabis coffee you can find. The brew’s so good, our only wish is that they had an option for higher THC dosages.

Koala Coffee

Koala Coffee only produces cold brew in the cannabis scene, but don’t let that deter you from trying their products. Their product is amazing, and each delicious bottle contains 25mg of THC. They also offer a cold brew that contains 50mg CBD, making another excellent cannabis coffee for those who enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the cerebral effects.

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