Dabbing allows users to inhale high potency cannabis and experience the onset of rapid effects. However, traditional dabbing can be both more complicated and dangerous than other forms of cannabis inhalation.  As with a vape pen, dabbing involves the use of a heating element to vaporize cannabis concentrate. In a dab rig, the heating element is a nail. A traditional dab rig requires the use of a torch to heat that nail. This is where vape pens and dab rigs are most obviously different.  Whether you think that pulling out a flame-throwing torch to heat up your nail is cool or a bit much, using an e-nail can make the process of dabbing easier and safer. Here are the best e-nails for concentrates on the market right now. 

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Boss Micro E-Nail - $149.95

BOSS Titanium - Home of the BOSS E-Nail and BOSS Titanium Nails Source: Boss
This kit is for the dabber who knows exactly what they want. The Boss Micro E-Nail allows customers to choose exactly the combination of materials they want from 72 options. You will get to specify the type of box, coil size (between 16mm and 20mm), and insert (quartz or titanium) you want. If you are an experienced dabber and know what you need to create your ideal dabbing set up, the Boss Micro E-Nail is for you.  What’s included:

  • Box in black, gold, or black and gold 
  • 16 mm or 20 mm coil
  • Titanium or quartz insert in select sizing

Dr. Dabber Boost Portable E-nail - $129.95 


Boost: Black Edition Source: Dr. Dabber
The Dr. Dabber Boost Portable E-Nail is ideal for the dabber looking for convenience and options.  The kit comes with titanium, quartz, and ceramic nail, so it’s a great way to sample each material. It also comes with a water filtration attachment, carb cap, and loading tool, all stored in a sleek case that comes with your purchase.  What’s included:

  • Boost black e-rig
  • Glass water attachment 
  • Domeless titanium nail
  • Domeless ceramic nail
  • Domeless quartz nail
  • Magnetic carb cap
  • Magnetic loading tool
  • 2 Medical grade silicon storage containers
  • Micro USB charging cable 
  • Limited edition Dr. Dabber Boost Black edition key chain 

Cloud V Electro Portable E-Nail - $159.99 

Source: Cloud Vapes
This one is for the dabber who wants to keep it simple. The Cloud V Electro Portable E-Nail comes with a quartz nail that can be heated up to one of two settings: 800 degrees F or 1000 degrees F. Its portable size makes it easy to take on the go. Everything about this e-nail is simple and convenient.  What’s included:

  • Cloud Electro battery
  • Cloud Electro Aqua Bubbler
  • Charging base
  • Charging cable 
  • Charging adapter 
  • Cloud V Pro tool
  • 1 quartz nail
  • 1 14mm Ti nail
  • Owner’s manual 

Galaxy E-Nail - $249.99

The Galaxy E-nail is for the dabber who wants the best. This e-nail may be pricey, but you get what you pay for. The quartz coated ceramic e-nail is designed to preserve the flavor of your dab while holding heat and easing cleanup. The Galaxy e-nail is a great option for low-temperature dabs, the safest way to avoid combustion while still enjoying the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes.  What’s included:

  • E-nail 
  • Quartz coated ceramic dish 
  • Ceramic carb cap
  • Titanium 6 in 1 Universal Adapter 
  • Quartz coated ceramic dab tool
  • XLR temperature controller with power cord 
  • Travel case
  • Lifetime warranty on the controller and a limited 1-year warranty on heater replacement or manufacturer defects 

Yocan Torch Portable E-Nail - $59.99

Yocan Torch Enail Source: Yocan
For the cost-conscious dabber, the Yocan Torch Portable E-nail can’t be beaten. This e-nail can attach to any water filtrating pipe. The simplicity, durability, and price of this e-rig make it a great option for those who want an e-nail that doesn’t cost over $100.  What’s included:

  • Yocan Torch E-nail
  • Quartz dual coil
  • Wax tool
  • USB cable 
  • Glass tube
  • User manual 

The Benefits of Using an E-nail

E-nails rely on an electronic source to heat the nail, completely removing the need to use a torch. There are two benefits to this kind of technology. The first is safety. It’s not wildly difficult to handle a torch, but exposure to an open flame will always be riskier than using a closed-off source of heat.  The second benefit is temperature control. It is difficult to read the temperature of a blowtorch. E-nails allow you to use a set temperature. This is important because it is possible to overheat the cannabis concentrate and combust it with a torch, inviting all kinds of unwanted substances into your lungs along with cannabis medicine. E-nails empower users to set the precise temperature they need to vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes so that they can be inhaled without the toxic byproducts of combustion. 

Commonly Used E-Nail Materials 

E-nails are typically made with one of the following materials: titanium, quartz, or ceramic. 


Pros: Titanium is able to withstand extremely high heat and is one of the hardest forms of metal on earth.  For these reasons, titanium wins the durability award. It also heats up quickly. It is the most popularly used material to make dab nails.  Cons: Titanium can add its own unpleasant metallic flavor to a dab. You can mitigate the taste by “seasoning” the nail. When you first use your titanium e-nail, burn a small amount of wax to the top of the nail. This will replace the titanium taste with the concentrate’s flavor. 


Pros: Quartz is easy to clean, can also withstand high heat, and heats up quickly. It also does not interfere with the dab’s flavor. Cons: This material cools off quickly and is less durable than titanium. Handle this fragile beauty with care or you’ll have to replace your quartz nail often. 


Pros: Ceramic can hold heat for a long time. Like quartz, ceramic nails do not interfere with flavor as intensely as titanium.  Cons: It takes longer to heat up ceramic than it does titanium or quartz. Ceramic is also less durable than titanium. Though not as obviously as titanium, ceramic can interfere mildly with the flavor of the dab.