Disclaimer: Some affiliate links are included in this article. We may receive some compensation for these links, however, we work to make sure our reviews are genuine.  Do you have a drug test coming up? Are you at risk of not passing it? Depending on your circumstances you may still be able to pass with the help of a weed detox drink. You may even be able to pass a supervised drug test with this kind of product if used properly. 

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How do weed detox drinks work?

A good detox drink will work to flush toxins out of the body. When you consume cannabis, the THC is broken down into metabolites that move throughout your body.  With detox drinks, the toxins are flushed out of your bladder and urinary tract. They are not completely eliminated from the body though. They’re just prevented from showing up in a urine sample for a small window of time. Metabolites will probably still circulate through your bloodstream, liver, and other areas.  So while detox drinks are often touted as a cure to flush out all toxins from the body, this is not true. What they actually do is clear your bladder of metabolites for a short period of time while maintaining minerals needed for a well-balanced sample. This gives users a chance to provide a urine sample free of metabolites before the effects wear off. 

Testclear Mega Clean Cleansing Drink 

This drink is recommended for supervised drug tests and is the maximum formula for people who have high levels of metabolites in their bodies. It’s meant to take effect in one hour and work for up to five.  You must abstain from toxins for 48 hours before use, though. The company says that every hour you don’t consume, you reduce your toxin count. They come in to take care of the rest.  Available in tropical fruit and wild berry, this is a great product for someone who has a couple of days to prepare for a drug test. Testclear recommends contacting their team so they can give you the best advice for utilizing the product to the maximum benefits, which is an added bonus for using their products. 

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Stinger Detox 5x Instant Extra Strength 

If you’re looking for a quick fix, Stinger Detox may be a good option for clearing out your urine in time for a drug test. This company has been making detox products for the people since 1993 so you could say they know a thing or two about the process.  This product is easy to use and boasts quick effects. They recommend you drink the entire bottle 60-90 minutes before your test, followed by refilling with drinking water a couple of times. Then all you have to do is urinate as much as you can.  One benefit of this detox drink is that it doesn’t require users to abstain from toxins for 48 hours before use. They can just chug and go. 

Rescue Detox ICE Drinks 

These detox drinks are formulated with cranberry and pomegranate. They work within 90 minutes and can cleanse for up to five hours.  The drinks come in two varieties: 17-ounce for those under 200 pounds or with high toxin levels and 32-ounce for those over 200 pounds or with extreme toxin levels.  Like Testclear, Rescue ICE drinks recommends users to be toxin-free for 48 hours before they use it. They also suggest increasing your water consumption several days before the test.   They say it typically takes three urinations before the toxins are removed to pass a drug test. 

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Final thoughts on weed detox drinks 

Remember, detox drinks are just tools to help pass a drug test. The best way to pass a drug test is to not have any metabolites present in your body. To achieve that, you should abstain from drug use.  If you missed your chance and need to take a test soon, a detox drink may be able to help. Keep in mind that they are not guaranteed to work and may not be safe for everyone.  It’s also important that you do not drink too much water prior to a test. If your urine appears diluted, you may have an invalid test.