Airbnbs have taken the traveler’s world by storm. Gone are the days when hotels and motels were the only options. Known to be a cost-effective and comfortable alternative to staying in traditional lodgings across the country, Airbnb’s popularity has soared over the past few years. What’s even better is Airbnb doesn’t have any official rules on cannabis. This means finding a place that allows (and even accepts) cannabis use is a lot easier than it used to be.  Hosts offering cannabis-friendly accommodations have become increasingly more popular and accepted as cannabis continues to do the same. If you’re looking for lodging that welcomes weed use, Airbnb is typically your best bet. While you can legally consume recreational cannabis in 10 states and Washington DC, finding a spot to stay that allows marijuana use on premises isn’t always easy to find. If you live in a cannabis-friendly area and want to host a cannabis-friendly Airbnb, the site also gives you tips how to do so. Hosting a weed-friendly vacation has never been easier.

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Cannabis Airbnb: Here’s Where They’re Happening


Denver: “Pot Friendly! Spacious Two-Bedroom”

Check out this pot friendly airbnb in DenverLeave it to Denver to have some of the best 420-friendly options available. If you’re planning a cannabis vacation to Colorado, this might be the perfect place for you and your crew. It’s located along the “Green Mile”, a two-mile stretch in Denver where there are more dispensaries in closer proximity than anywhere else in the world. Think 15 dispensaries per block and you’ll get an idea of what a vacay at this cannabis-friendly Airbnb could consist of.

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Located in Colorado Springs near Garden of the Gods, this “bud and breakfast is a sanctuary, offering love, acceptance, peace, and rest to all who enter.” If you’re a heavy drinker or into hard drugs, this probably isn’t the best Airbnb for you. But if you’re into yoga, meditating near the mountains, and soaking in the hot tub with gorgeous views, this could be an awesome Colorado Springs cannabis-friendly Airbnb experience. Note: Recreational weed sales are prohibited in Colorado Springs, but nearby Manitou Springs has two recreational dispensaries where you’ll find all the weed you need.


Stay at this 420 friendly airbnb in SeattleThe next time you find yourself in Seattle, this Airbnb is ready to make your experience 420-friendly. For $80/night, you get a private room and “complimentary cannabis gear is provided for your personal use should you so desire.” The host of this “gorgeous space” is praised by the people who have stayed there, and access to the hot tub, fire pit, and wilderness backyard doesn’t hurt either.

Morton, Washington is a rural area located about halfway between Seattle and Portland. Travelers looking for an immersive Airbnb cannabis experience will find it at this Airbnb at Big Hat Farm. Nestled between Mount Rainer, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams, Big Hat Farm is not only in a gorgeous rural location, but guests are invited to join in “every aspect of living on a cannabis farm.” Depending on what season you visit this “true” cannabis Airbnb, you can help with cloning, planting, watering, and even harvesting. Hosts also offer guests the option to relax in the contemplation room that looks over the valley. Here they are welcome to use one of the sites many “cannabis utensils” for smoking, vaping, or dabbing cannabis products.


At this cannabis Airbnb in Portland, Oregon, using cannabis isn’t only allowed, it’s encouraged. It’s close to the heart of Portland, within walking distance of dispensaries, convenience stores, fast foods places, and more. Breakfast is included, making it the perfect place for a morning wake and bake before you play pot-tourist in Portland.

This cannabis-friendly spot in Portland is a room in a craftsman-style turn-of-the-century home. It’s only $25/night making it extremely affordable if you need a place in Portland to crash and want a place where you can freely consume cannabis. It’s about a 10-minute drive from downtown Portland. If you’re looking for clean, cozy, cannabis-friendly, and cheap, “Namaste Up Here” is a great deal.


Try this airnb at Lake TahoeThe vegan om house is a “sweet little romantic studio” in South Lake Tahoe where weed is welcomed, including a gift of some “welcome buds of locally grown organic cannabis, a growler of beer from South Lake Tahoe Brewing Company, and some tasty snacks.” California hospitality doesn’t get much better than this. It’s just 15 minutes from Heavenly, has a selection of “cool books”, and is run by one of the most highly rated hosts on Airbnb.

The host home for this Hollywood Airbnb room isn’t only gorgeous, but near everything you want to see when you’re visiting LA. It’s weed-friendly and a walk away from major Hollywood attractions like Sunset Avenue, the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and more. For $79/night you can smoke all the cannabis you want and be close to all Los Angeles has to offer.


Who doesn’t want to stay in a tree house when they visit Alaska? For $135/night you can go “into the wild” in this cannabis-friendly treehouse located 35 minutes from Anchorage. It’s nestled up in the trees and offers awesome views and forest access, perfect for a 4:20-afternoon hike.