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Marie Edinger
Marie Edinger
Marie Edinger is an award-winning multimedia journalist. Originally from Gainesville, Florida, she stayed there to attend the University of Florida, graduating in three years after studying Telecommunications and Spanish Linguistics. She worked for two years for a news station in Jackson, Mississippi, and now works in Fresno, California.

New Cannabis Research Insights

As a result of more lenient rules when it comes to research, there have been amazing new developments in what scientists can say definitively about cannabis.
by - March 8, 2022

Cannabis Companies are Dabbling in Psychedelics

Psychedelics and marijuana have a lot in common, especially in the disorders they aim to treat. They also face similar hurdles in legalization battles. certain major players in cannabis are starting to transition to hallucinogens.
by - March 1, 2022

Legalization Next Door

One state may choose to legalize marijuana while its neighbor remains starkly against it. However, because people can travel from state to state unhindered, legalization tends to bleed over across states' border lines.
by - February 4, 2022
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