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AuthorBaran Erdik, M.D.
Dr. Baran Erdik is a medical doctor with further specialization in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He has worked as a physician around the world and is fluent in German as well as English. After earning his Master’s in Healthcare Administration and Policy from Washington State University, graduating summa cum laude, Dr. Erdik decided to make a turn in his career. He found his passion for consulting hospitals on a wide range of issues daily, from acquisitions/mergers to compliance with policies. Dr. Erdik also has an extensive list of academic research and publications including a textbook chapter. He has been interested in addiction throughout his career and studies; in his words: he has always been fascinated by how a tiny molecule can hold the entire nervous system and the neurons hostage. He has written questions on addiction medicine for physicians preparing for the boards and has tutored future addiction medicine specialists extensively. He has also worked as a peer reviewer and editor for numerous papers, mainly on addiction medicine.