Appetite Stimulation: The Best Cannabis Strains to Try

These are the best strains for appetite stimulation

Marijuana has long been known to stimulate appetite, making it both evil and wonderful: many of us don’t need our appetites primed (they’re plenty stimulated all on their own). But those with some medical conditions definitely benefit from extra caloric intake.

Still, whether you need it or not, pot makes us hungry, especially if it’s high in THC. But why does this happen? Why is THC so connected to PBJ? It has to do with the Endocannabinoid System.

Cannabis and Your Appetite

The Endocannabinoid System is highly important to our body (which makes it surprising that the research regarding it is so recent). This system is made up of cannabinoid receptors located inside the brain and the mammalian nervous system. It influences all kinds of physiological processes including pain-reception, mood, and memory. It’s also the reason pot gets us high.

The Endocannabinoid System plays a role in appetite too: weed manipulates this system, which is why pot makes us hungry

There are two primary cannabinoid receptors – CB1 and CB2 – inside this system. CB1 controls memory, pain, reward, cognition, and appetite. CB2 is focused on cell proliferation, inflammation, and immunity. THC activates both receptors, but it shows a particular talent for binding to the CB1 receptor, which helps explain the munchies. In essence, THC goes to the switch thatsupermarket-snack-aisle tells us we’re full and flips it back on so that we not only feel moderately hungry, but usually freaking starving. We don’t merely gulp down things we love – like chicken pot pie – but we eat things we’d never touch under other circumstances too, like Chicken in a Biskit.

As mentioned above, you might not want your appetite aroused – you’re actively trying not to eat your body weight in Velveeta. But if you need to pack on some weight (or you know someone who does), try the following strains:

Strains to Increase your Appetite

Y Griega

Sativa-based, this strain is known for its THC potency: it chimes in at 27 percent (so it’s no wonder it makes you hungry). It’s the offspring of Amnesia (which most likely comes from Super Silver Haze but, perhaps true to its name, it can’t really remember). To get Y Griega, growers crossed Amnesia with Kali Mist. The end result is powerful.

Novice smokers find Y Griega quite potent – it leads them to their couch where they’ll spend many an hour wondering why Law and Order is always, always on. For some, it’s conducive to relaxation and sleep, while, for others, it’s energizing and great for social occasions. Regardless, it is conducive to the munchies: how it affects you only determines whether you go out to dinner or order in.

Rainbow Kush

Known for its multiple colors, this strain is aptly named. It usually goes by “Rainbow” making it sound both like a marijuana strain and like the girl down the street who just handed you a flyer for a local rave. It’s balanced evenly with Sativa and Indica, though sometimes Indica is slightly dominant. It’s THC percentage is 17 while CBD is around one percent.

This strain looks different, given its colorful demeanor, and smells of pine (though some users report the stereotypical “skunk” smell). It’s a perfect strain for those who want to avoid the head fog while getting a little stoned:

“It’ll keep you social instead of comatose”

Medically, people use this herb to not only stimulate appetite but to relive pain and nausea as well (two things that may also stimulate appetite). The CBD percentage may be helpful in curbing anxiety.

Lavender Kush

Mostly Indica and filled with purple leaves, this strains rests on its laurels; it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005. It’s not recommended for doobie newbies as it’s liable to knockout someone lacking tolerance. Those who know their way around a pipe embrace a more conscious experience: they feel mild euphorbia and a sedating and tingly body high.lavender-kush, appetite stimulating strain lavender kush

Lavender Kush is conducive to sleep: it promotes drowsiness. Thus, it’s not recommended for daytime use. It’s conducive to appetite as well – it makes you very hungry. Because of the sleepiness it promotes, this can cause an issue: maybe stick to soup over jawbreakers. Or, at the very least, don’t put something in the oven and then doze off while it burns.

Rock Bud

Rock Bud is a cross between Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, Afghan Indica, and Afghani Hawaiian; once upon a time, it was better known as A+. It’s very relaxing, and therefore not something you should consume before driving, going to work, or asking your boss for a promotion because of your obvious ability to be productive. It brings on both hunger and sleep, most often in people who aren’t used to weed.

It’s even been used to treat anorexia – not only does it promote eating, but it also reduces anxiety and stress.

Blue Widow

Slightly more Indica than Sativa (but pretty balanced), this strain is a mix between White Widow and Blueberry. The THC content is average: between 12 and 17 percent. The CBD content is around .3 percent.

It offers a cerebral high and helps relaxation

Because it’s not extraordinarily potent in regards to THC, it doesn’t leave you paranoid; it’s designed to allow you to function while taking the edge off. The lack of a high THC percentage doesn’t appear to stem the effects of appetite stimulation though: this strain leaves you hungry, maybe because it reduces pain and nausea, particularly in those who’ve undergone chemotherapy.

All sorts of strains grease the wheels of your stomach. If you want to avoid weight gain, then make it difficult to ingest highly caloric meals: smoke up before you go to a salad bar, not before visiting a candy store. But, if you’re nauseous, losing weight, and finding it hard to keep up your strength, the above strains certainly help you return to the joy of eating.

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