Americans Have Decided: Weed Isn’t Dangerous

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A recent study has found that the number of people using marijuana at least once in the prior year has jumped from about 10.4% to 13.3%. It’s been found that Americans have simply stopped worrying about marijuana being bad for them. Daily, or near daily, use of marijuana has nearly doubled to 3.5% of the population.

The study also found that the perception of “great risk of harm” from marijuana dropped from half of respondents in 2002, to only 33% in 2012.

But their findings suggest that even while the percentage of heavy weed smokers more than doubled and the number of casual users increased dramatically, there was no change in the percentage of users who reported symptoms of “marijuana use disorders,” such as memory problems, trouble sleeping, and depression. That number remained steady at 1.5 percent.

They go on to state:

“It really highlights what a lot of people already know to be true,” Mason Tvert, spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project, told the Guardian. “Countless adults consume marijuana responsibly and should not be treated as if they are drug abusers.”

Read the full marijuana study, or the summary done by Vice. 

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