Florida Couple Receives 65 Pounds of Pot from Amazon

Florida couple received 65 pounds of pot from Amazon

If you’re like me, you order everything from Amazon. But, if you’re like me, you’ve never accidentally received a shipment of cannabis instead of a t-shirt or book or new oven mitts. This isn’t the case for one couple in Florida: per Newsweek, they received 65 pounds of marijuana from Amazon after they ordered four storage units. It’s like Amazon Prime meets marijuana: it’s Amazon Optimus Prime.

The first indication that someone was wrong was the weight limit: the empty bins they’d ordered weighed nearly 100 pounds.

Anyone who has ever ordered anything from Amazon knows that they really like to package things and that accounts for some extra weight: you order a box, you open that box, and there’s another box. Repeat that process three times.

But most of us know what weed smells like and the couple on the receiving end knew it too – they looked and found tightly wrapped bales Amazon and cannabisof marijuana. Then they called the police.

The value of the drugs is high – on the black market, they’d be worth a couple hundred thousand dollars. For that reason, and other safety concerns, the couple isn’t giving their name. They don’t know where the drugs came from, why they were sent, and whether or not the sender will seek revenge for their law-abiding actions.

They even left their home, fleeing somewhere else as they feared a break-in.

Cannabis in Florida

While recreational marijuana is legal in some states, it isn’t in Florida. If you’re caught with too much, the punishment is kicked up to a felony – anything over 20 grams is the F word.

Possessing more than 25 pounds is punishable by somewhere between 3 and 15 years in prison as well as monetary implications of up to 25,000 dollars. Whoever sent this package possessed much more than 25 pounds. So, it’s fair to say that probably don’t want to be caught.

The recreational stance of the state doesn’t really matter, however; it’s illegal to ship weed via the post office (or things like UPS) no matter where you live. Plenty of people do it and plenty get away with it as it’s impossible to search every box and envelope. But those who are caught can face a federal offense.

Amazon’s Customer Service

Amazon has a good reputation for their customer service (in my opinion, their customer service is indeed wonderful and this good reputation is well-deserved). However, the people who received this delivery may disagree.

When they contacted Amazon in pursuit of an apology, they received a 150-dollar gift card and a note that they were unable to do anything else. For their part, Amazon released a statement saying that they were in direct contact with the customer and working with law enforcement.

Like E-bay, pretty much anyone can sell their stuff on Amazon.

It’s like the less sketchy, more trustworthy, distant cousin of Craigslist. And this means it may take some time to figure out where the drugs came from. Of course, wherein the shipping process the drugs originated also comes into play; one can assume that these storage containers were not manufactured with pot inside of them.

Other Crazy Things Shipped via Mail

While shipping marijuana via mail isn’t all that crazy (as mentioned earlier, lots of people do it), shipping sixty-five pounds is a little more unique. So, what are some other crazy things people have shipped?

According to FedEx, they include:

504,000 bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau: These bottles were shipped to Japan for an annual uncorking event. Beaujolais Nouveau is a French wine that’s released each year on the third Thursday in November.

Parts of the Titanic: Oh, don’t mind me……I just have a hundred-year-old sunken ship on my cargo jet. The Artifacts Exhibition shipped 90 tons of cannabis and amazonTitanic memorabilia including the hull of the ship, the largest part of the ship that’s ever been recovered.

Giant pandas: FedEx has also shipped giant pandas. They came “packaged” with two pounds of apples, two bags of bamboo, and loads of water to make sure the animals were comfortable for the entire flight (which lasted sixteen hours).

As someone who uses Amazon so often, I can honestly say that if I was accidentally shipped a giant panda, I wouldn’t be all that upset.

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