Like the telegraph and modern refrigeration, social media is an application of technology that might be used in future revolutionary, earth-shattering ways that we can’t even anticipate. For now, though, it’s really fun to have a voyeuristic, 24/7 window into the minutiae of other people’s thoughts and experiences. Cannabis enthusiasts, a group of people especially prone to sharing spontaneous thoughts, have an embarrassment of riches on apps like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re smoking alone, it can also be fun to connect with and observe people who are sharing the same simultaneous vibe. Here’s a rundown of some of the most compelling social media accounts for stoners.

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badgalriri (Snapchat)

Rihanna, alreadyRihanna smoking a blunt a strong presence on Instagram, uses Snapchat to broadcast scenes from her daily life that includes activities as boring as brunching and window shopping and as out of the ordinary as getting ready backstage before the VMAs. The pop princess also occasionally shares her fondness for cannabis with her captive audience -- her snap stories feature her blowing cascading clouds or clutching blunts between her perfectly manicured fingers. Rihanna’s Snapchat account is a great reminder that stars, although they also love weed, are not just like us.

With over 2.5 million subscribers, Hannah Hart is America’s YouTube sweetheart. Although she’s recently branched out, Hart built her huge following as the host of “My Drunk Kitchen,” a comedy cooking show in which she attempts to cook or bake as she gets progressively more intoxicated. Although the results are often mixed, Hart is just so damn charming that “Drunk Kitchen” makes for fun, mindless watching. It might even inspire some creative snacking. Bonus: in 2014, Hart and cannabis enthusiast Sarah Silverman recorded an episode of “My Stoned Kitchen” and made some mini pot pies.

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Do well in school and get a good job because the more money you make the more weed you can buy and weed is the root of happiness Meme accounts are a dime a dozen on Instagram these days, mostly recycling a lot of the same content with different captions. @weedhumor, on the other hand, has distinguished itself by racking up 1.7 million followers with uniquely niche image macros. The daily posts about the ins and outs of stonerdom cover everything from chronic red eye to the pitfalls of rolling to conjecturing about which celebrities love to blaze. Full disclosure, though -- in an interview with MTV News, @weedhumor’s creator Branden Hampton claims never to have smoked cannabis, relying instead on his knack for pithy, relatable one-liners to build a following.

The brainchild of celebrity-obsessed Caroline Goldfarb (its affiliation with Sean Penn its purely sarcastic), @officialseanpenn is a celebration of all things weird and ridiculous in pop culture. Goldfarb has a few go-to tropes like “celebrities taking pictures with dolphins” and insane early 2000s fashion. She’s also pretty adept at amateur photoshopping, seen in posts like this beautiful collage tribute to the late Mob Wives star “Big Ang” Raiola. Some of the real gems, though, are Goldfarb’s deadpan captions celebrating weed, like this otherwise innocent picture of Kate Winslet, or this hot take on Miranda Hobbes’ true self. The @officialseanpenn stoner merch is pretty great too: this celebrity dadbod photo-printed towel is the perfect thing for a hazy trip to the beach.

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Social media has created a broad new market for independent artists. Spencer Hibert has used the reach of Instagram to gain visibility, posting samples of his psychedtrippy skull drawing elic neon paintings, commercial design projects, and sculptures under the handle @spencerhibert. His wavy lines and unexpected color combinations wouldn’t look out of place on a blotter tab, and are an eye-catching way to punch up a feed full of selfies or sunsets. Hibert’s page is also a makeshift guide for some unconventional swag -- he links to finished products like adult coloring books and skateboards.

snoopdogg (Snapchat)

The man behind such genius strains like Tangerine Man and hip hop’s elder statesman of cannabis appreciation is finally on Snapchat. Snoop posts very frequently, sharing snap stories of his life on tour and all the downtime in between performances. In a lot of the videos he’s just smoking or lip-synching along with whatever he’s listening to, but there’s plenty of weed porn to gawk at as well, from trays full of giant blunts in the studio to high-end vaporizers. He also usually posts updates at 4:20, making his snap story a pretty good makeshift stoner alarm clock if you need a daily reminder.

tacobell (Snapchat)

Taco Bell has been a stoner mainstay for a while now. Novelty menu items like the Waffle Taco and the Loaded Potato Griller are an almost blatant appeal to inventive, intoxicated appetites. At times, Taco Bell has even tacitly acknowledged their popularity with cannabis lovers -- remember their super catchy “Late Night Munchies” jingle? It only seems natural that they’ve moved on to Snapchat for their brand storytelling, refreshingly leaning on the drawing feature (rather than filters or text) for some creative scribbling. Be careful though: hunger can strike pretty quickly if you check their snap stories after a quick smoke session.

Comedian Dan Chamberlain is a big part of the Upright Citizens Brigade improv scene, but even if you can’t make it to one of his shows, his twitter feed is a treasure trove of absurdist humor. Mixing faux dad jokes (“you can’t fire me I’m linked in”) with trippy sarcasm (“honestly i would try vape but yearbook is just too important to me”), Chamberlain’s tweets are beautiful, weird little word paintings that are hilarious whether you’re baked or stone cold sober.

Like Taco Bell, Arby’s has figured out hArby's meatball sandwich ow to hit one of their core consumer demographics where they live. It’s hard to think of a fast-food company that’s done a better job of reinventing their image to catch the attention of a digitally-savvy audience that always has the munchies. Arby’s twitter feed feels particularly digitally-native and touts new deals and products (who knew they made salted caramel and chocolate chip cookies?) without coming off as pandering. They also show off some mind-boggling cardboard box sculptures and ketchup art, proving that you don’t have to hire a professional “food stylist” to catch people’s attention and provoke some cravings.