8 Awesome Cannabis Products You Need This Spring

You need these items from spring

Spring is in the air. Days are getting longer, bulbs are starting to bloom, and after a long winter, the world is starting to come alive again. Cannabis enthusiasts will find a plethora of products that are perfect for spring. As longer days and warmer weather replace beanies and puffy coats, the following cannabis products are perfect for this welcomed change in the seasons.

8 Awesome Cannabis Products Perfect for Spring

Firefly Vaporizer

Firefly is a great vaporizerCalled the “iPhone of vaporizers” by Newsweek, Firefly vaporizers are hands down, one of the sleekest vape designs on the market. As a leader in cutting-edge design, Firefly convection vaporizers were created in 2012 with a simple goal: to enhance people’s lives by creating the very best vaporizers in the world.

Firefly has succeeded in their goal, mastering vaporizer technology that delivers a clean, fresh hit every time. Flavor out of a Firefly vaporizer is phenomenal, and whether you’re vaping cannabis flower or concentrates, you’ll get a smooth draw every time where you can actually taste and feel the difference.

Firefly vaporizers heat up almost instantly in just 3 short seconds and cool down just as quickly. This allows you to control your dose and get a fresh, flavorful hit any time the mood strikes. They’re one of the most amazing portable vapes on the market, making them perfect for those beautiful days spent outdoors in the fresh Spring sunshine.

Canna Lips Lip Balm

Spring means spending more time outdoors, which calls for a good lip balm to protect your pucker from the sun, wind, and other elements as you start to get outside again. Whether you’re enjoying a slushy Spring day on the slopes, or hiking trails surrounded by blooming buds and bulbs, having lip balm on hand is a must.

Canna Lips Lip Balm will not only protect your lips but could also offer a bit of a buzz. This line of cannabis-infused lip balms comes in five different flavors: cherry, mint, vanilla, pomegranate, and tutti-frutti. Seeing as lip balm is a must-have springtime accessory, it might as well be infused with cannabis.

The Grill and Blaze Barbecue Set

This is the perfect grill kit for SpringWhen the weather starts to get nice, barbecues are broken out and the kitchen gets taken outside. And while spring isn’t exactly the time to break out the bathing suits and beer on the back porch, it is the perfect time to fire up the barbecue.

Whether you’re grilling burgers or portabella mushrooms, the Grill and Blaze Barbecue Set is a must-have for stoners taking their cooking skills outdoors. This four-piece barbeque grill set comes with tongs, a barbeque meat fork, a silicone basting brush, and a grilling spatula with a built-in bottle opener.

Spring is the perfect time to get together with friends and enjoy an afternoon outside when the weather starts to get nice again. This weed-themed barbecue set is perfect for any cannabis enthusiast who likes to get down on the grill. Add a DIY-cannabis-infused drink and toast to the change of the seasons.

Roll Uh Bowl

Bong hits to go? Yes, please. The Roll Uh Bowl is a portable bong created by Charlie McKay, a Montana outdoor enthusiast. It’s made from a silicone tube that easily folds in half, tucking the bowl and downstem securely inside. It’s lightweight, designed for easy portability, allowing you to go anywhere and do anything outside this spring and take bong rips when you do.

The Roll Uh Bowl was cleverly designed to be taken with. So whether you’re hitting up the beach on a warm spring day, hiking in the mountains, or throwing frisbee at the park, you’ll have your bong with you wherever your spring adventures may take you.

Marijuana Umbrella

Check out this weed themed umbrellaAs they say, April showers bring May flowers. Take your love for cannabis with you on a rainy day with a marijuana leaf umbrella. We love the black and white marijuana leaf umbrella by Aideess. It’s classy, lightweight and provides pot-themed protection from both rain and sun.

Dankmaster’s Green Weed Flip Flops

Nothing spells spring like kicking off your winter boots, stretching out your toes, and slipping into a pair of flip-flops. Dankmaster’s Green Weed Flip Flops are comfortable and have an easy slip-on design perfect for green-filled days without a snowflake in sight. They also make the perfect companion for warm spring beach days.

Hemp Eyewear Sunglasses

Look at these shades!Springtime is the perfect time for a new pair of shades. Cannabis lovers, meet Hemp Eyewear, the world’s very first sunglasses made from hemp. These super-fly shades are made out of organic hemp fiber, making them the most sustainable shades on the market.

With six different styles to choose from, you’re likely to find a frame that fits your unique taste. Lenses are from Carl Zeiss, one of the top lens producers in the world. And if you wear glasses to see, Hemp Eyewear can even put your prescription in your shades.

Everything down to the packaging is made from hemp. A pair of Hemp Eyewear shades is practically a must-have for the eco-conscious cannabis consumer this spring.

Tokin’ Tote Bag

Spring means taking a lot more activities outside. From trips to the farmer’s market to warm weekends spent at the beach, at the park, or just down by the river, springtime is the best time for getting back outside. Wherever your adventures take you this spring, toting a tote bag is key.

Café Press makes some seriously fabulous marijuana-themed tote bags in a variety of different styles. You’re sure to find a design that fits your personal style, no matter what your passion with pot might be. Fill it with organic, fresh spring veggies from the farmers market, throw it over your shoulder as you bike around the city, or pack it for a picnic at the park.

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