Are you 710 friendly? Want to find out? We all know about 420, right? That hallowed, magical stoner holiday we’ve all come to hold near and dear to our hearts. 710 is slang for marijuana concentrate. Concentrates are oil-based products, so, if we were to take the world OIL and invert it we would get 710. 

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Meet Me at 7:10

Most sources point to the underground rapper, entrepreneur and concentrate enthusiast, Task Rok as the initial inventor and blazon of the phrase, 710. In 2011, Task Rok’ started his concentrate-centric equipment company, Highly Educated. At the time, Task Rok hung out in a Tinychat with other enthusiasts dab lovers such as Chad Soren from Healthcare Glass, the founders of the now-defunct Beehive Oil Clothing and Task. From these chats, Beehive Oil Clothing started producing tee shirts with 710 on them around the same Task Rok released a self-produced hip hop record, “The Movement,” whose lyrics focused on, much like Snoop Dogg’s love of The Chronic, his love for dabs and oils.on 7/10. Much like 420’s Waldos, 710 spread organically throughout the dabbing/oil community over the years. 

HAPPY 710!

July 10th is National Dab (or Oil) Day. A day not unlike 420’s celebrations of weed in flower form, 710 celebrates the almighty marijuana concentrates. Early 710 celebrations started as far back as 2013 in Denver with the 710 Cup.  Over time, 710 has evolved into a lifestyle and brand serving as a loyal beacon representing not only dabs and cannabis oil, but also the ever growing concentrate community. As with the original Colorado 710 Cup back in 2013, 710 events have grown in size and popularity. Many states where weed is legal have their own annual festivals such as: Oregon’s Camp Sesh, Arizona’s 710 Degree Cup, and Colorado’s Kush Masters 710 Celebration.  If you live in a legalized state, mark 710 on your calendars as a legit holiday to celebrate. Online retailers also use the date to run 710 sales in addition to festivals happening near you (or, most likely now, online).

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