5 Reasons Why Stoners Should Play Pokémon Go

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you must have heard of the global phenomenon called Pokémon Go. Who could have ever imagined that grown up men and women with real responsibilities and obligations in life would one day roam the streets of their city in hot pursuit of their favorite childhood Pokémon? It sounds surreal, but this is exactly what’s happening all around the world today.

Regardless of whether you were a fan of Pokémon or not, you can’t deny the fact that this game is something that everyone wants to try out at least once just to find out what the hype is all about. You would be amused to know that even stoners are joining in on the fun and jumping aboard the Pokémon Go bandwagon. Anyone who has played the game will tell you that it is loads of fun, but the game feels even more exciting when you are high on weed.

Some user reviews suggest that this is the perfect mobile phone game for stoners. That may not be true, but you should definitely give Pokémon Go a try in order to add a new dimension to your cannabis experience. Here are five simple reasons why this game has been so well received by stoners:

1) Revives Your Love for the Outdoors

Do you recall those amazing days in your childhood when you would make the best use of daylight hours by playing with your friends
outdoors? Lovely outdoor days like these are probably few and far between now that you have become so attached to cannabis. It would be unfair to say that all weed smokers are couch potatoes. Person in nature playing Pokemon Go, person walking and playing Pokemon However, you are more likely to simply relax on your couch and enjoy a Netflix marathon after a good smoke as opposed to taking a refreshing stroll in the neighborhood park.

You are probably not aware of this, but cannabis and exercise go hand in hand. Therefore, instead of wasting your hours in front of the computer or the television after a joint, you should head out with your cell phone and catch some Pokémon. Not only will this make you feel better about being a stoner, but it will also give you some much needed cardio that will boost your high and give you a scintillating rush of blood when you come across a rare and elusive Pokémon.

2) Gives You an Incredible Burst of Nostalgia

There are certain emotions or feelings that perfectly complement the weed experience. Nostalgia is right up there along with exuberance, unfiltered joy and amusement. While playing Pokémon go, a stoner gets to relive his most pleasant and cherished childhood and teenage memories. This is why the game has become so successful. The creators aren’t selling an interactive video game. They are selling priceless emotions that are so hard to come by in the hustle and bustle of a busy adult life. As a stoner, you get to enjoy these nostalgic emotions more than anyone else. This is the same reason why stoners are so fascinated by cartoons.

Pokémon Go is one of the few precious things about mobile technology that can give the human mind genuine pleasure. And if there’s anything that lights up the mood for real, then stoners all around the world should embrace it with open arms.

3) Lets You Discover Amazing Places

One of the best ways to accentuate the weed experience and boost your high is by coming across beautiful things that you have never seen before. Pokemon Go will help you do just that as it guides you to spectacular landmarks, breathtaking works of art and mesmerizing natural scenery. These are the locations where you get to find some of the most in demand Pokémons. Most of these captivating places are pretty nearby and wouldn’t require you to take a ride.

If they are that close, then how come you never noticed them before? Perhaps the reason why these places didn’t catch your attention is because you person on the beach playing Pokemon go, person on a beach holding a cell phone never tried wandering around in the streets while you were having an unforgettable weed experience. When you are high, it becomes much easier for you to take your eyes off the regular things and focus on the little details that can put a bright smile across your face.


4) Allows You to Have More Fun with Friends

You have probably become tired of the usual weed sessions at your home with your buddies. You roll up a joint, pass around the good stuff, smoke to your heart’s content and talk about life and the universe with your best friends. Is there all that there can be to a great weed experience with your friends? Surely, there are far better ways of having fun with friends and cannabis. This is where Pokémon Go comes into play and gives you a refreshing new way of enjoying weed with your loved ones.

The game has a unique ability to draw crowds. You and your friends are going to have a wonderful time chasing Pokemon and smoking weed in the streets. It is also going to make people understand that friends who smoke weed are not necessarily unsocial beings who remain indoors all day long.

5) Helps You Meet New People

Smoking weed alone is great, but smoking weed with like-minded people that you have just become friends with is even better. Just because you are a stoner does not mean that you have to maintain a low profile and stay stuck with your regular group of weed buddies. There’s every reason for you to go out there, find some stoners like yourself and get really high. If socializing is not your forte, then you can use Pokemon Go as an ice breaker.four guys with cell phones, four young guys playing pokemon go,

Given its unbelievable popularity, it goes without saying that the game is a fantastic conversation starter. Besides, meeting new people, in new places, while catching new Pokémons, is probably one of the coolest things that you can do while you are baked.


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