Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park located in Los Angeles – it’s one of the California theme parks that’s not Disneyland. But at its root, it’s a film studio – one of the oldest around – and the theme park was created because of the appeal of stardom. Originally, the studios offered tours to patrons, those interested in seeing film sets in person. Today’s Universal Studios is a far cry from this, of course, with rides, crowds, marketing, merchandise, and special effects. Universal Studios is immensely popular, despite being located in an area where there are so many things to enjoy. In 2016, over eight million visitors walked through the doors. That’s enough to make the park the 9th most popular park in North America and the 15th most popular in the world.

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The History of Universal Studios

The first studio tour that took place on the Universal lots was over a hundred years ago and included a five-cent admission and the opportunity to purchase fresh produce (the studio was part of a working farm). This tour was discontinued in 1930, before a backlot fire, the first of many. dispensaries near universal studios

Universal Studios has had nine backlot fires in its existence – the worst one occurred recently in 2008

It was a three-alarm fire that started when a worker was using a blowtorch to warn asphalt shingles before application. Over 500 firefighters responded to the flames, including those inside two water-dropping helicopters. The entire fire took twelve hours to extinguish, partly because of a problem with water pressure.

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The Park of Today

The Universal Studios of today is worlds apart from what it once was. It’s now marked by rides, digitalization, and attractions that feature Transformers, the Fast and the Furious, The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead, King Kong, and others. The working farm that was once part of Universal Studios is gone too, but that doesn’t mean there’s not herb nearby.

Dispensaries Near Universal Studios

If you’re visiting the area and want a different kind of thrill ride, some of the local dispensaries worth visiting include: Canto Diem: Canto Diem is located at 10612 Chiquita St., North Hollywood, 91602. They’re well known for stellar customer service and they also sell a wide-selection of high-quality flowers. Like many dispensaries, they offer deals for first-time patients and have specials on glass and vape promotions.

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Reviewers remark on their affordable prices, their kindness, their knowledgeable staff, and their inviting vibe

Hollywood Hills Collective: The Hollywood Hills Collective is located at 3324 Barham Blvd., Los Angeles, 90068. It’s open late, until 2 a.m. every single night (that’s right…just like Taco Bell!).  They sell everything – edibles, pipes, lotions, flowers, and concentrates and they play an active role in the legalization movement – they even have petitions customers can sign to become part of the movement. Fly High Delivery: As you might have guessed by the name, Fly High Delivery isn’t a dispensary but a medical marijuana delivery service. They deliver to the greater Los Angeles and Hollywood areas. They state that they deliver “discreetly and swiftly” to either your home or office. They sell top grade cannabis and even partner with a service that will help you get a medical marijuana card in case you haven’t procured one yet. Universal Collective: Universal Collective is located at 3625 Cahuenga Blvd, W. Los Angeles, CA 90068. They've been in business since 2007 and advertise as being an “upscale collective specializing in helping people achieve wellness through the miracle of alternative medicine and therapy.” They’re one of the biggest pre-ICO collectives in LA and they specialize in high-quality medicine, compassionate donation, industry expertise, free consultations, in-house deals, and a wide selection of products. WHTC: WHTC is located at 3760 Cahuenga Blvd, Studio City, 91064. It offers games, vendor giveaways, and several deals. It’s also operated by people who have vested interest in the magic of medical marijuana. The operators had a family member with breast cancer and experienced first-hand how instrumental medical pot is for people who are suffering. universal studios cannabis

Their goal is to provide a place where patients can learn about everything from eating well to learning to live an organic lifestyle

Whether or not marijuana will find legalization on a universal level remains yet to be seen. But, until then, medical marijuana patients visiting Universal Studios at least know about the dispensaries nearby. Though they don’t sell recreationally and limit their sales to people with medical marijuana cards, that will change come the new year. On January 1st, in California, it’s game on for Mary Jane. Start lining up now.