Traveling can be tricky if you're looking to consume cannabis during your ventures. Crossing state lines with cannabis is a federal offense (even if you're traveling from one recreationally legal state to another.) In the event that you decide to travel to a state where you can make legal marijuana purchases, you still have to find someplace to consume. However, the hospitality industry isn't very weed-friendly, and in most recreational states, public consumption of cannabis is still illegal, even though you can purchase it.

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If you love cannabis and traveling, but are having a hard time finding a safe place to consume, then these 420-friendly hotels will make your trip charming and unforgettable. This list spans destinations in all recreationally legal states. Whether you’re looking to wander in the wilderness, stroll through a small town, explore a big city, or chill out on the beach, there’s something here for every cannabis lover.


For those looking to experience majestic mountains, beautiful wildlife, breathtaking glaciers, and rich cultural history in Alaska, the city of Anchorage is your all-in-one cannabis friendly stop. This 420-friendly Airbnb is only walking distance to numerous restaurants, shopping, and local cannabis dispensaries — literally everything you need and then some. Complete with a queen size bed and full access to the rest of the house, this private room is perfect for a couple or solo traveler. The next time you're looking for a cannabis-friendly stay in Alaska, check out this comfortable private room, complete with a big dose of Alaskan hospitality.

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Chill out in your own private ocean view room in this “good vibes only” 420-friendly shared apartment. It's literally stepping away from the Venice Beach Boardwalk and less than a minute from the beach. At only $79 a night, this Airbnb is perfectly located among one of the coolest neighborhoods, only a 10-minute drive to Santa Monica. Keep in mind that this is a room rental in a shared apartment with only one shower, and you will most likely be there at the same time as the tenants who live there. If you're looking for a more upscale, less hostel-ly experience, this may not be the choice for you. 

Venice, United States - December 18, 2013: big mural in the Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, by the artist Rip Cronk who painted some of the most famous murals along the boardwalk and neighborhoods. Generic people and tourists are hanging around. iStock / ViewApart

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Known as California’s first ever “Bud and Breakfast”, Hicksville Pines B&B is yet another cannabis user’s bucket list destination. Filled with 10 funky and uniquely designed rooms, this Bed and Breakfast is equipped with a rec room filled with games, music, and a fully stocked bar. Keep in mind that while cannabis consumption is allowed in all common areas, Room #420 is the only one that allows (actually, "encourages" is probably a better word) consumption in the room. It comes equipped with a personal vending machine, TV, Xbox, Stoner movies, and access to Hulu, Netflix, and Live Tv.  After exploring the nearby nature trails, lakes, and wildlife, chill out with some fresh Cali green and soak up the fresh air relaxing in the hot tub.


John Denver got it right when singing about Colorado’s majestic mountains in “Rocky Mountain High”. And what better place to take in the incredible views, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and smoke Colorado’s finest weed than Breckenridge, Colorado. Known as one of America’s most revered destinations for skiing, Breckenridge is also home to one of the most amazing 420-friendly Airbnbs, Breck Haus. This beautiful townhouse is located minutes from Main Street and a short drive to truly epic skiing. Perfect for large groups, the Beck Haus contains 4 bedrooms, 7 beds, 2 baths, and a private hot tub. Not into skiing? No problem. In warmer months the ski runs melt into spectacular hiking trails, making it the perfect 420-friendly getaway for the whole crew year-round.


Auburn: Greenyards King Suite

This conveniently located 8 bedroom mansion is just minutes from downtown Auburn. Cannabis users are encouraged to “partake wherever they are comfortable.” They’re even greeted with Maine’s own homegrown marijuana. So whether you plan to hit the ski slopes, embark on enchanting hiking trails, or taste Auburn’s fine dining, this suite is the perfect one-stop getaway for cannabis lovers.

Red chairs in the backyard View of the 16 acre property that the mansion sits on (Source: Bud and Breakfast)


Settle into this quaint farmhouse with views overlooking the captivating Mount Greylock, the highest point in the state. From hiking and biking to water sports and skiing, this comfortable getaway is situated in the middle of amazing outdoor activities. It’s only a short drive to shopping, music venues, and local art. With a 420-friendly atmosphere, the host is sure to make you feel welcome with homemade muffins and fresh made coffee.


If there’s one place everyone should visit, it’s Portland, Oregon. Filled with unbelievable views of Mount Hood, enchanting forest hikes, and amazing wild berries free for the picking, Portland is sure to not disappoint. This cozy 2 bedroom guest house is complete with a fully equipped kitchen, a private entrance, and covered parking located 25 minutes from downtown Portland. This 420-friendly home away from home comes supplied with all the essentials:  vape pens, rolling papers and tray, a lighter, and more. With a number of local dispensaries, you’ll never be without Oregon’s finest weed.


This one is for those who enjoy outdoor activities, but also fancy city life. Staying at Layla’s Riverside Lodge will have you feeling relaxed and a part of the family. Situated near the Green Mountains of beautiful Vermont, this stunning Lodge not only has a 420-friendly package for cannabis lovers to enjoy, but they are also pet-friendly. So pack your bags, bring your pet, and hit the road for 420-friendly Vermont. 

Washington, D.C.

Enjoy your own private home in cannabis-friendly Washington, D.C. Located only 2 miles from downtown, this 1 bedroom, 1 ½ bath can sleep up to 6 guests. With free sample of cannabis-infused edibles and other cannabis-related products, you’ll think you died and went to 420 heaven.


Escape into the magical forest of Washington and get cozy in the alluring Pot Leaf TreeHouse. This rustic hideaway is the perfect getaway for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle. Close to the famous Pacific Crest Trail and Wallace Falls State Park, this tree house is great for the outdoor enthusiast. With 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, 4 guests can comfortably hide away and chill as they toke it up high in the trees.

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The Winston House is a three bedroom bed and breakfast located 15 minutes away from the heart of downtown. You can rent just one room, or you can choose to rent the whole house! The energy at The Winston House is curated to promote elevation and enlightenment. The backyard looks like a scene taken straight out of The Secret Garden. With all the smoking and relaxation tools you could ever need, The Winston House will help you find your center.