10 Reasons to Bring Cannabis Along for Date Night

Bring cannabis along for date night!

No matter who you’re on a date with – someone you recently met or your spouse of fifty years – weed is a welcomed third wheel. It enhances the experience and makes for a more memorable evening. Figure out a way to get it to pay for your surf and turf and it’d be ideal.

But, even if that never happens, consider cannabis when courting for the following ten reasons:

cannabis on date nightCannabis removes stress: Dating, particularly when it’s with someone new, can be stressful: the awkward silences, the jokes that fall flat, the giant cold sore that picked today of all days to appear. Cannabis – or more accurately the cannabinoids in cannabis – helps the brain release dopamine, which leaves you feeling less on edge. The less nervous you are, the more enjoyable a date becomes. If you’re looking to take the edge off, consider an indica such as Hindu Kush to treat your anxiety and stress.

Cannabis makes everything freaking hilarious: Weed is famous for bringing about a case of the giggles: a joint or two and suddenly we’re hyenas. Since humor is a major part of dating, anything that heightens it helps with romance.

Laughter might be the best medicine, but it’s also one of the best ways to turn a single date into multiple ones.

Cannabis doesn’t come with a hangover: Sure, some of the perks of pot are available in pinots and porters. But, unlike alcohol, cannabis doesn’t come with a hangover. If you smoke enough you might feel a little off the next day, but you probably won’t spend the morning on your bathroom floor ruing that moment in 1933 when Prohibition was repealed.

Cannabis is a good way to see what you have in common: While this advantage doesn’t necessarily apply to people well acquainted, if you’re getting to know the person you’re dating, bringing up cannabis is a good way to see if you share similar values. If you’re pro-pot and your date isn’t, that doesn’t always mean things are over: some people don’t imbibe but don’t care if others do. However, if your date insists on a urine sample before you’re allowed to meet the parents, you might have a bit of an issue. Check please.

Cannabis makes for deep conversation: Some strains of cannabis aren’t good for socialization – they leave you super stoned, communicating with your partner through a series of nods and grunts – but other strains cause so many deep thoughts you’re practically Jack Handey from Saturday Night Live (“I hope if dogs take over the world, and they choose a king, they don’t just go by size, because I bet there are some Chihuahuas with some good ideas.”)

Cannabis makes time fly by: The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” does indeed seem true: ask any kid how fast time goes at Disneyland and they’ll probably tell you that it’s quick.

If you’re enjoying your date, time will fly by regardless so you may as well add in some cannabis to make things interesting.

Who knows, maybe you and your lucky date will take a hit of Gorilla Glue and find yourselves staring at each other for three hours.

For dates that are awful, this is where weed really shines. It has the ability to make a two-hour endeavor seem like twenty minutes. Good news, considering bad dates make twenty minutes seem like two hours.

Cannabis is discreet: Okay, it’s not always discreet. Not if you smoke openly in the middle of a crowded bar or hand your three-foot bong to the coat check guy and tell him to “take good care of Sally.” But other types of cannabis, such as edibles, are easily done without anyone being the wiser. When you giggle through the specials, your waiter might think something is up. Or maybe he’ll assume that his rack of lamb suggestion invoked an image of a sheep with boobs. And maybe he’ll be correct.

Cannabis is cheap: It’s not “cheap” in the true sense of the word, but it is by comparison. If you substitute cannabis for alcohol, you should save money. Edibles especially, since they provide a long-lasting high, are a cost-effective buzz and much cheaper than ordering shot after shot of whiskey.

Cannabis is great with food: The munchies that come with marijuana are sometimes annoying; no one feels that awesome about themselves after Cannabis and food, cannabis date night they grab a spoon and eat an entire jar of mayonnaise. But dating usually involves some type of food. Couple that with cannabis and savor in the flavors! Yes, you should probably take some precautions – maybe don’t consume cannabis before taking a date to a super expensive restaurant where even ice cubes are a la carte. Unless you’re rich and money’s no object. In that case, call me.

Cannabis can enhance a sexual experience: If you use cannabis wisely, Mary Jane enhances the sexual experience. She’s certainly a less awkward threesome member than a stranger you meet on the street or something really odd, like Teddy Ruxpin. Still, pot doesn’t always equate to mind-blowing romance.

Just like alcohol, cannabis can leave guys unable to get started or keep going. Thus, it’s best for the boys to stick to strains that offer moderate potency.

Of course, women have a different experience: weed tends to enhance sex, regardless of strength. We are women hear us roar and, when cannabis is involved, hear us roar a little louder.

Perfect Date Night Strains

Some of the weed that goes well with the deed includes:

Blue Cheese: It’s an indica, so there might be some sleepiness afterwards (in other words, business as usual), but Blue Cheese provides physical relaxation, satisfaction, and euphoria.

Mr. Nice: Best used in the evening, Mr. Nice is, as implied, a nice addition to the bedroom. It’s calming, mood elevating, and works as a de-stressor.

Jilly Bean: A hybrid dominated by indica, Jilly Bean brings about a lot of happiness and energy. It provides a rush of imagination and laughter. People looking to get creative with their bodies often give it a whirl before experimenting: Let’s go have sex in Nordstrom’s – just think of what we can do with all the mannequins.

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