Social gatherings usually end on a high note, especially if cannabis is involved. But they almost always begin with the awkwardness of forced smiles and small talk. The right coffee table book can bypass even the most uncomfortable social interaction, and when its target audience is a stoner, it’s bound to generate some interesting and strange conversations. From outlandish pictures to peruse to scientific explanations to discuss, the following ten coffee table books have something for both the sober and the stoned to enjoy.

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Color Me Stoned: A Cannabis Coloring Book for Adults

Color Me StonedWhat’s more entertaining than an adult coloring book?  One inspired by 26 different cannabis strains featured in alphabetical order. The coloring book showcases its creator’s interests in aesthetics and knowledge. Donna LoCicero, Color Me Stoned’s author and illustrator, is a documentary filmmaker and artist. In addition to complex patterns and intriguing scenes to color in, the book includes a short informational profile on each strain and a glossary of cannabis terms. Whether you want to show off your mad coloring skills, give a friend a channel through which to express their creative high, or provide a safe space for the novice stoner to learn something new, this coloring book is sure to entertain.

The Stoner Coffee Table Book

If you’re a stoner, and you have a coffee table, this book is for you. It is quite clear that Steve Mockus, the author of this bizarre compilation, was orbiting the earth when he put this book together. From bunny-bird mutants to cheese puff eating greyhounds, this book captures the odd thoughts many a pothead has had and since forgotten. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get high and then look at a photoshopped image of bicycling children with lettuce heads for, well, heads, then this page turner is for you. The eccentric images will keep you laughing, crying, and talking even after your high has worn off.

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Underwater Dogs

Underwater dogsThis photo book is in the same vein as the Stoner Coffee Table Book, but instead of just being weird, it’s also really cute. Occasionally terrifying, but really cute. Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel captures the never-before-seen images of dogs diving after a tennis ball into water.  Sometimes with their jaws agape, sometimes with their eyes crossed, the dogs of this book show the incredible power of a single tennis ball—and of a dog to boost a human’s mood.  No, this book has nothing to do with pot, but the hilarity of underwater dogs is potent even without the bud.

The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness

Steve DeAngelo, the author of The Cannabis Manifesto, believes that all uses of cannabis are medicinal, even when the intent is just to get high.  DeAngelo presents an extensively researched case calling for the total legalization of cannabis for this reason. Is there someone in your life who is interested in alternatives to conventional synthetic drug therapies?  Do you know someone whose entire knowledge of cannabis is based on Jeff Session’s illuminating remarks (good people don’t smoke marijuana)?  This book might be just the icebreaker you need.

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The Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques to Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases

Check out these cannabis With the help of evidence coming from over one thousand clinical studies, Uwe Blesching, Ph.D. in alternative health care, synthesizes the information gathered from these studies to present a convincing argument for the use of cannabis as medicine. The book covers over one hundred conditions, each chapter of the book dedicated to a specific ailment.  If you want to skip the small talk and dive right into cannabis science, this is the source for you.

Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany

People are generally aware that cannabis has been around for a while, but they might not know how long that while is, the many places cannabis has traveled, and the array of ways it has been used throughout the world.  Robert Clarke and Mark Merlin have compiled a historical exploration of cannabis’ roots in human civilization and just how far they have spread. If you want to get your cannabis sativa nerd on with some friends, this book will deliver.

The Cannabible Collection

This collection is a classic addition to the cannabis connoisseur’s coffee table. Jason King has gathered beautiful photos and commentary about hundreds of cannabis strains. If you want a closer look at the nug (or its distant cousin’s) that you’re consuming along with detailed notes on its flavor and effect profile, flip through the pages of this three-part series until you find it.

Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts

Check out this cannabis cookbookWhat kind of coffee table collection would you have if it didn’t include a recipe book?  An excellent source for ideas a little more sophisticated than the pot brownie, Karin Lazarus of the Sweet Mary Jane bakery in Colorado has compiled a catalog of recipes sure to get people talking about all the interesting edibles they’ve tasted or wished someone cooked up so they could.  On top of being gourmet tasting medicine, Lazarus uses natural whole foods and high-quality ingredients in addition to cannabis-infused basic ingredients like butter, coconut oil, and sugar.

The Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Activity Book

Hate awkward conversation?  Skip it altogether with this collection of entertaining activities for the mentally dexterous pothead. Leave it to the High Times editors to come up with games like “stoner bingo” and “a smoker’s jumbo,” a word search featuring cannabis terminology. This book will fill your high with loads of laughter and give anyone with the preconceived notion that a stoner’s brain is mush a long pause.

Marijuana Horticulture Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Cultivation and Hashish Production

Kenneth “K” Morrow, the founder of the international cannabis consulting firm Trichome Technologies, put his extensive knowledge about cannabis cultivation into this user-friendly guide. If you’re curious about how your cannabis was grown or if you’re a grower yourself, this text will answer your questions and expand your appreciation of the horticultural side of the cannabis industry.