Cannabis Dates: 10 Date Ideas with Mary Jane

10 date ideas involving cannabis

The couple that smokes together, stays together!  Seriously, there is no greater experience than having a partner who shares your love of cannabis. Partaking together, in and of itself, is a bonding experience that only stoners know. There is something deep and visceral about sharing a sesh with someone you love that takes date night to a whole new playing field. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started planning the perfect cannabis dates! Here are 10 fun ideas to take your date night game to the next level!

Let’s Get Cooking

Cooking a cannabis infused meal together is not only a handy skill to learn, but makes for a fun, fulfilling culinary experience that neither of you will forget. If you are lucky enough to live in DC, Portland, or Denver, you can even do this in an instructive, class setting with Puff, Pass, Paint. For the rest of us mere humans though, here are some links to some delicious cannabis recipes to get you started:

Cannabutter Recipes 

Cannabis Drink Recipes 

The Pot in Our Stars

Find a star-gazing spot for just the two of you. Explore the local Stargazing, cannabis datesplanetarium with your special someone! Getting high and contemplatingthe universe can be an intensely romantic experience, especially when you are literally staring at the universe! If you can get cozy, with a blanket and pillows, go there! Completely relax with heavy indica and enjoy the show! Maybe you’ll find the two of you are simply meant to be.

Go Live!

Live shows are an amazing adventure for the cannabis couple! The more sense engaging, the better! Bright colors, great music, scentsational smells. Explore a local circus or a Cirque du Soleil performance- take in the sights and sounds of the colorful characters and brilliant feats of gravity defying entertainment. Hear a great band play in an unusual live venue- let the rhythm overtake you and enjoy a night lost in the music!

Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind

Paint, draw, sculpt….tap into your creative muses together! Think outside the box. You aren’t limited to canvas and brushes either.

Light one up and paint on each other’s bodies

Enjoy some special brownies and revel in the feel of clay under your intertwined fingers. Sketch each other and compare notes. Whatever method you choose, dive in and get creative with your better half and some chronic shit.

Truth or Dare

Board game, cannabis datesNobody likes to play games in a relationship, but everybody loves to play games when they’re high! Truth or Dare, a great board game, a hand ofrummy? Pick your poison and get to toking! Playing games with your partner in crime is just made that much more fun by partnering your antics with a lil Mary Jane!

Explore New Dimensions

3D movies, especially if you are lucky enough to have an Omnimax theatre near you, are the ultimate cannabis dates! Of course, selecting the right strain and film only maximizes the enjoyment, but in general, all the lights and colors and action will only seem more amplified and vivid if you and your date take time to toke up together before heading out. Compare notes afterward and explore the differences in your experiences.

Do You See What I See?

Feeling adventurous? Grab your hiking boots, your lover, and a comfy blanket and head for higher ground.

Seek out the best view you can find in your city, light one up, and enjoy the view side by side with your favorite person

See who can find the most interesting point of interest or take the best photo. Share some memories of the places you see. Sit back and enjoy the view!

Gettin Bendy With It

yoga cannabis datesWho doesn’t appreciate a little flexibility in a relationship? (You can take that as dirty as you please! ;P) Combine a little herbal relaxation with a refreshing yoga class and you’ve got the couple’s retreat from heaven! Taking the time to get flexible with your significant other is also a great way dispel tension and stress while spending some quality, cannabis laced time together.

I Wanna See Your Animal Side

If you and your love are animal lovers, a trip to the zoo just screams to be experienced with a little herbal enhancement like Golden Goat. If the zoo isn’t your thing or you don’t have one close by, you can also consider petting zoos or a trip to your local animal shelter. All the fuzzy, cuteness combined with the warm cannabis fuzzies is sure to leave you and your date in an extremely cuddly mood

Under The Sea

This last idea has a couple of variations depending on what’s available in your neighborhood. Find a way to experience some time under the water, whether it’s a trip to your local aquarium to watch the sea life float by while you’re floating high or a trip to the beach to watch the waves roll in while you roll another joint.

Water and all it’s life forms are magical, especially when you can share the experience with Mary Jane and your favorite person

And there you have it folks, ten dates for you are your boo to get your smoke on. Take the time to try each one and share your experiences using #datingmaryjane.

P.S. If you really want to take your cannabis couple game to the next level, try out a cannabis lube. The lady in your life will thank you!

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