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Cannabis and Relaxation


Cannabis and relaxation? They go hand in hand, right? In fact, the ability of cannabis to elicit feelings of euphoria, tranquility and relaxation plays a huge part in what makes cannabis such an amazing plant! In fact, the reasons people most commonly cite for why they consume cannabis is because it helps them release stress, relax, and chill out.

Relaxation helps us clear our mind, release physical tension, and reduce stress. It plays a vital role in our overall physical and emotional health. (We can ignore it at our peril!)

Most people think of “relaxation” as a general term to describe a state of tranquility. In short, the exact opposite of stress and tension. But, going deeper, how would you define it and are there different kinds of relaxation?

There Are Two Types of Relaxation

There are actually two distinct types of relaxation — and thankfully, cannabis can be a powerful catalyst to help us experience both kinds: physical and mental.

Physical relaxation describes the release of physical tension, while mental relaxation is the clearance of clutter from our conscious mind. We can achieve both forms consciously or unconsciously. When you’re on vacation hanging out at the beach and sipping a fruity drink, you may not have consciously thought — “I need to relax.” It was simply a byproduct of your surroundings. In contrast, after a stressful week of work, you may consciously think — “Hmm, I could really use a massage!”

Both types of relaxation are vital in regulating the nervous system. When the body is under mental, psychological, or physical stress, inflammation. There are so many factors when it comes to promoting relaxation. From diet and hydration, to getting adequate amounts of exercise and sleep, most of these critical factors are directly related to the endocannabinoid system.

Why Does Cannabis Help Us Relax?

Cannabis provides instant and much-needed relaxation for many patients, and in more ways than one. In short, the way that the body deals with stress, mental or physical, depends mostly on hormonal regulation processes within the body. Many of these processes are also affected by the endocannabinoid system, made up of key receptors that can be directly supplemented by cannabis and the active chemicals it contains - namely, cannabinoids and terpenes. Proper levels of cannabinoids within this system can lead to healthier patterns of mood, pain and sleep regulation.

The following sections will outline precisely how the ability to relax is affected by the chemical profile and the context within which one uses cannabis.

What to Look for in a Relaxing Strain

Cannabis is a complex plant with a lot of different and useful chemical compounds — including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids — that can influence its effects. And, because every strain has a unique chemical composition, each will produce slightly different effects, just as they will exhibit unique colors, flavors and aromas. Interestingly enough, the chemical composition can even vary within each strain, depending on different growing conditions and cultivation techniques. The consensus is for each patient to choose strains that appeal to their senses for the optimal experience.

Broadly speaking, patients in need of quality rest and relaxation would be wise to look for indica-dominant strains, such as a Kush or berry-flavored strain. Also, look for strains rich in specific cannabinoids and specific terpenes. Linalool, also found in soothing lavender oil, is typically contained in the terpene profiles of certain cannabis strains that can have a relaxing and almost dreamlike effect. Myrcene, another relaxing terpene, lends its familiar herby flavor to bay leaves, parsley, thyme, and cannabis. Be careful, because too much myrcene might make you too relaxed — myrcene is why indica-dominant strains can induce “couch lock”.

Strains high in cannabidiol, or CBD, can be quite rare but are outstanding calming agents. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has been shown to neutralize some of THC’s potentially adverse or uncomfortable physical and psychoactive side effects, like sweating, heart racing, and paranoia. In addition, strains with high levels of cannabinol, or CBN may also be helpful in relaxing the mind and body. This cannabinoid is a degraded version of THC, which was recently discovered to aid sleep.

Keep in mind there are no magic ratios or precise levels of constituents to look for, because everyone responds differently. It may take a little trial and error to find the perfect strain or product that makes you feel comfortably relaxed.

Try Combining Cannabis With An Activity to Produce a Synergistic Effect

If you already have a beloved activity that helps you wind down and relax, try pairing that experience with your favorite cannabis strain. Taking up a hobby like yoga or meditation can seriously change the way the body and mind carry stress throughout the day. Yoga’s perfect combination of strength and breathing exercises are proven to shift the body’s response into a more focused and relaxed state. Getting deep into the flow will automatically result in lower breathing rate, decreased blood pressure, and increased flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, heart, and gastrointestinal tract.

Many patients use cannabis as a relaxing agent right before bedtime, replacing or predicating the need for pharmaceutical sleep aids. However, cannabis alone may not fix every sleep issue. Take extra care before bed to ensure your late night activities are not interfering with your body’s sleeping rhythm. Even just comfortably reading a book is more stimulating than staring at a computer or smartphone screen - which is proven to negatively affect melatonin release, disrupting the normal patterns of sleep, and subsequently, relaxation.

Treating yourself to a professional massage can also help stimulate the endocannabinoid system, and a chronic sense of relaxation. The effects of massage have been studied time and time again, proving a novel treatment for generalized anxiety and chronic pain of all types. Pick a therapist that comes highly recommended from someone you trust. A true professional will know all the ins and outs of the bones, muscles and connective tissues, the appropriate pressure to apply, and precisely which areas to work on in order to relieve the most stressed-out parts of your body.

Final Thoughts

Remember that mental and physical relaxation go hand in hand; it is very difficult to achieve one without the other.

Whatever your reason for using medical cannabis, know that there is more to a balanced and healthy lifestyle than simply supplementing. There is an entire system of your body in play! Healthy diet and hydration practices, proper sleep and regular exercise will go a long way in aiding patients who seek to eliminate physical tension and gain a more relaxed outlook on life.

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Wikileaf fan
2:00, February 28, 2017
I choose to consume to treat my clinical depression and anxiety. I never knew how calm and beautiful the world could be until I learned how to relax for the first time. I was able to finally leave my house and go to college in public without losing my composure.
Wikileaf fan
11:08, February 23, 2017
I choose to relax to free my mind from this world of stress and anxiety and insomnia. I think the reason I smoke is to be who I actually am
Wikileaf fan
6:52, February 12, 2017
On my 26 birthday March 20 2015 I had a pulmonary embolism something that should of ended my whole exsitance, I was so terrified for months after my experience I was diagnosed with PTSD from it doctors wanted me on meds and I chose marijuana instead after two yrs I am able to live my life fullest and happy knowing I am OK and I can\'t breath with out knowing I\'m dying from meds. Pot saved my life. Even after my husband left me this yr I still am able to do what I can for my children and stay calm and do my best knowing that at night I\'ll be able to stop and relax from my stressful day the natural way.. I am now ommp
Wikileaf fan
5:01, February 12, 2017
I choose to consume because i choose to relax
Wikileaf fan
9:00, February 05, 2017
I choose weed not only for a creative mind, or even to relax but, I have a serious issues with depression, and when I get in that state of mind, I tend not to eat for certain amount of weeks. Also, I have scoliosis in my lower spine, which doesn\'t help me cause I can no longer sleep more than 4 hours. I consume it cause it helps me gain an appetite and it eases the pain for me to sleep.
Wikileaf fan
8:26, February 05, 2017
I choose to consume because at age 17 the day after highschool graduation, the day I was supposed to be free, I ended up being diagnosed with a very rare disease cyclic vomiting syndrome. As of now they have no cure and along with that they don\\\'t know what causes it, there is very little treatment besides sedation and nausea medication, obviously no one wants to be sedated every day of their life and the pills only work when you can keep them down....

BUT! I started using medical marijuana when I would begin to feel nauseous and it saved my life sometimes It helps all on its own and sometimes it doesn\\\'t completely, but that\\\'s okay because the little bits it does helps me keep down my medication and relax without complete sedation and most importantly it has kept me out of the hospital and my stomach full . It has helped me in so many ways ❤
Wikileaf fan
9:58, February 04, 2017
I choose to consume for many reasons, first and foremost to help me deal with adhd and my Bipolar 1. Weed relaxes me and makes me realize that everything isn\'t as bad as my brain would have me believe.
It also sparks my creativity, and as a writer it\'s great for getting past writer\'s block. Words just seem to flow onto the page.
And, finally, I choose to consume for fun. Weed is nuch, much safer than most other drugs available, and the high just makes me wanna laugh.
Wikileaf fan
3:51, February 02, 2017
I use it to keep me relax and focus in school and it works amazing in the gym
Wikileaf fan
3:31, February 02, 2017
I choose to relax my mind and body with cannabis. It\'s my medicine since I do not consume pills for my pain.
Wikileaf fan
3:27, February 02, 2017
I love smoking weed. It helps me to relax and controls my anger problems, it relaxes me so I don\'t hav out burst of anger for no reason
Wikileaf fan
3:26, February 02, 2017
I really like it and the effects it gives.It relaxes me.
Wikileaf fan
8:42, February 01, 2017
I love everything to do with marijuana. The Tricombs, aroma, different colors. It\'s a beautiful plant. I use pot to stay relaxed. I\'ve been prescribed Benzo\'s to help my anxiety but I don\'t want to be restricted by a pill. The side effects are just on going and a downfall for people who are recovering addicts which I am. It helps my appetite since I lack on eating a lot. Makes my migraines go away. AND ITS NOT ONLY THE THC PART. CBDS saved me as well. I was born with my hips not aligned,they were able to fix it but once in a while the pain is unbearable. Putting some cbd cream after a shower and relaxing makes me so calm. My insomnia has been terrible since I was a child. Weed does help and so does applying CBD around my neck before bed n THC/CBD honey 1:1. I\'m blessed that this plant is on earth!
Wikileaf fan
6:37, February 01, 2017
I choose to consume because I have ptsd and also pain from surgery that it helps ALOT i also choose to relax and like to wind down after a long day
Wikileaf fan
6:11, February 01, 2017
For Epilepsy, relaxation, and the opening of unknown knowledge and or thoughts.
Wikileaf fan
11:11, January 30, 2017
I choose to consume because it helps me relax, it helps with my insomnia, and boosts my creativity especially in the kitchen.
Wikileaf fan
9:36, January 29, 2017
Me and my husband smoke together. He has ADHD and insomnia, I have anxiety and PCOS. We were both in a car accident and suffer from back pain. With cannabis, we can actually sleep, relax, and not be in pain.
Wikileaf fan
7:40, January 29, 2017
I choose to consume cause it makes me happy and relaxed
Wikileaf fan
10:32, January 28, 2017
I choose to consume marijuana because, I love the way it helps me relax, stay calm if I\\\'m nervous, helps me sleep and eat. I honestly consume marijuana to help me get through my day. I am constantly smoking lol
Wikileaf fan
9:54, January 27, 2017
I have Crohn\'s disease and smoking helps me be able to relax when I\'m going threw really bad days and can\'t eat or sleep I was diagnosed about 2 years ago and have been smoking just about ever since then I think that without smoking it would be really hard for me to get threw day by day I\'ve struggled with my doctors to find some medicine that helps me but so far the only thing that\'s really help me make it day by day without being in a lot of pain is cannabis
Wikileaf fan
2:30, January 27, 2017
I choose to relax
Wikileaf fan
7:15, January 26, 2017
I smoke to relax and mentally better myself because of family and personal history of alcoholism. I was a raging alcoholic before recreational legalization here in Oregon, now instead of drinking myself to oblivion and hating myself for it, I load a nice big fat bowl with my wife and get the same if not better satisfaction then booze, without poisoning myself!
Wikileaf fan
5:16, January 17, 2017
I choose to relax and to expand my mind
Wikileaf fan
9:23, January 16, 2017
I choose to relax, and it got me from 12 medications to 0
Wikileaf fan
3:49, December 22, 2016
It helps me to stop, enjoy the moment, see beautiful things around, to be a better person, get inspiration and creativity, relax and chill and smile smile smile. 
Wikileaf fan
11:39, December 08, 2016
I choose to consume cannabis for multiple reasons. My main reason is because of the constant pain and nausea I get from PCOS. I\'ve seen prescription addiction ruin lives of those close to me and they make me feel terrible! Without cannabis I would be in a lot of pain, I\'m so grateful! Also, it helps me relax and boosts my creativity. I\'m not much of a drinker and I love not waking up with a hangover!
Wikileaf fan
5:06, December 04, 2016
I consume to relax the muscles all over my body because I feel consistent pain ever since my accident in which I fractured my skull twice and broke my neck in 3 spots, and was dead when found and I like the pain releaving effects over opiate pain killers
Wikileaf fan
10:06, December 03, 2016
I choose to consume because it helps me relax and helps me control my seizures. It helps me be more real and open to things and see everything from my children\'s perspective.
Wikileaf fan
9:22, December 03, 2016
I consume to help deal with pain being 30 years old with arthritis is no fun with a seven and a four year old running around sometimes you just need to relax or take a deep breath or smoke marijuana has helped me through many struggles in my life I believe it is a medicine for all types of things
Wikileaf fan
9:12, December 02, 2016
I choose to relax and find my inner peaceful self. I had been dealing with aniexty for a while and it (Ganja) helps me become more fluenent with lyrics and lines.
Wikileaf fan
12:46, November 30, 2016
I choose to consume to find my relaxation zone and be one with nature I feel it\'s important for me to consume on a regular basis
Wikileaf fan
8:24, November 30, 2016
I do it because it is apart of me my life and to relax my mind from the daily idiots that we are surrounded by everyday
Wikileaf fan
3:58, November 25, 2016
I consume to spark my creativity and relax with my friends and loved ones.
Wikileaf fan
7:37, November 24, 2016
I choose to consume to help me relax and not be anxious, and to focus my creativity.
Wikileaf fan
4:48, November 21, 2016
I choose to consume because I like the euphoric feeling I het after I smoke. Marijuana lets me feel good without the gross side effects you get from drinking or doing drugs. I also choose to consume because it is the only thing I have found that combats my bipolar disorder. It helps me relax when I am in a spike, and cheers me up when I am in a low, keeping my seratonin levels at par.
Wikileaf fan
5:01, November 18, 2016
We choose to consume because, it is our religion, our sanity, our downtime, and our way of life for our souls to be free and relaxed ????
Wikileaf fan
9:21, November 17, 2016
I choose to relax, be able to eat and relieve pain
Wikileaf fan
7:27, November 17, 2016
I choose to consume for multiple reasons. To relax and because I enjoy it yes, but I also choose to consume out of necessity. 8 years ago, just 6 months after my father passed away, I was hit by a car while I was walking in a crosswalk causing a fracture in my skull, a major concussion, herniated discs in by back and neck, and severe whiplash. I choose to consume over the dangerous deadly alternative that is opiods.
Wikileaf fan
2:54, November 17, 2016
to relax and i love it
Wikileaf fan
11:32, November 16, 2016
Why I consume:
to relax my mind and busy thoughts
to bring out the colors in everything
for creativityto draw the adventures of my robots
to laugh at everything
to eat anything in site
Wikileaf fan
9:54, November 16, 2016
I\'ve always preferred cannabis to any other substance whether it was for pain or to unwind to breaking the ice when meeting a new friend, \"do you smoke?\" introduced me to a lot of my oldest and dearest friends. My girlfriend had asked me to stop when our son was born which I obliged noting that I was one day going to return to, which I have. In its absence I noticed my alcohol consumption had risen (mostly in social settings never at home) and \"date nights\" started involving trips to local watering holes. I was never happy with this and neither was my girlfriend. Since my return to cannabis we find it much more relaxing to just stay at home or return home from a nice dinner out and smoke and relax in each other\'s company not having to deal with the drunks and younger bar crowd.
Wikileaf fan
8:36, November 16, 2016
I choose to consume to shift my vibrations! Nothing like a mood adjustment bowl to cleanse the harshness of the day. I live as close to an all organic lifestyle as I\'m able and for that reason as well, I choose to consume instead of drinking alcohol. A vacation is past due for my stressful life and a 420 vacation would ensure the best level of relaxation for me! 
Wikileaf fan
6:42, November 16, 2016
#ICHOOSETOCONSUME because I have really bad anxiety so when it\'s triggered, I go outside, light the already rolled joint, and relax. Plus I have heart problems and it helps keep me calm.
Wikileaf fan
4:08, November 16, 2016
Because it helps my anxiety, depression, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, relaxing, sleep.
Wikileaf fan
3:29, November 16, 2016
I chose to consume for many a reason. First off I was injured in a random assault 8 years. Some a-hole decided to randomly punch me in a bar and fractured my orbital socket in 7 places and broke nose.so I\'ve had chronic pain because of it. It helps with both the pain management and PTSD. Also I just enjoy the relaxing nature of it.
Wikileaf fan
12:55, November 15, 2016
I consume to be calm and relax. I suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety. It\'s helps me with my appetite and my insomnia.
Wikileaf fan
12:54, November 15, 2016
I choose to relax, I love it, and i choose to maintain my sanity over anxiety & depression.
Wikileaf fan
8:36, November 15, 2016
I choose to de-stress, I consume because it allows me to relax and enjoy the moments I\'m given.
Wikileaf fan
8:33, November 15, 2016
I choose to relax, be calm, & in control. I choose to be able to sleep at night. I choose creativity. I choose to not be anxiety ridden. I choose to not poison my body with government approved drugs. I choose to be happy!
Wikileaf fan
5:45, November 15, 2016
I choose alternative medicine, I choose to relax, I choose to be free.
Wikileaf fan
3:25, November 15, 2016
I smoke to relax and stay calm , it helos e think and meditate.
Wikileaf fan
10:35, November 14, 2016
I choose to not have any back pain
I choose to heal my body
I choose to relax
Wikileaf fan
7:01, November 13, 2016
I am diabetic and cannabis helps my blood sugars stay regulated (CBD), helps with diabetic neuropathy and is a better option for my to relax after work because alcoholic beverages have sugar and carbs. So thankful it is finally legal. Now I feel like I don\'t have to be so secretive about that way I choose to consume.
Wikileaf fan
3:19, November 13, 2016
I prefer to inhale with my desktop vape every day to relax and for creative work (paintings such as the one in this pic)
Wikileaf fan
12:24, November 12, 2016
I consume cannabis for 35 years since high school in the 60\\\'s. Now though cannabis is my relaxation, stress relief, and social mix. I do not drink alcohol, therefore I switched to cannabis to enjoy people, share stories and offer it to my friends to enjoy socially. No hangovers, no obnoxious behavior just mellow fun.
Wikileaf fan
4:40, November 12, 2016
I chose to use cannabis because it relaxes my stress, helps me get to sleep at night and pain relief for my arthritis. So much better than the pills Drs. Prescribed.
Wikileaf fan
12:23, November 11, 2016
I consume because i can do it with my brother and my mom, and it helps me relax and helps with my quick temper!
Wikileaf fan
11:39, November 11, 2016
I\'ve been a cannabis consumer since 1991. I remember the exact moment, friends with me, and feeling I got. I consume for relaxation. I consume for back pain. I consume so I don\'t have to ingest pills or medicine. I consume for anxiety. And I consume because I just love it.
Wikileaf fan
11:26, November 11, 2016
I choose to smoke because it helps me relax, unwind, and mostly sleep throughout the night.
Wikileaf fan
11:21, November 11, 2016
Marijuana keeps me running without pain in my body. The relaxation effect will change the way a person deals with the drama which is life. Although not for all people marijuana is good for me.
Wikileaf fan
11:08, November 11, 2016
Well hello my name is Raelynn. I have been consuming cannabis for 23 yrs.. I choose cannabis because it brings out my inner twin.. The relaxed, creative, determined not stressed out side... When I smoke I feel like Im on an island just enjoying life nothing but happy feelings...
Wikileaf fan
1:32, November 11, 2016
I consume to relax my nerves.
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