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About Willie Cheesie

Willie Cheesie is a well-balanced, yet sativa-leaning hybrid, bred by Washington’s own Nerdie Birdie Farms.

The strain's roots start in Spain, where its father, Williams Wonder, was selected from Super Sativa Seed Club's vault and then sent to Washington state. Williams Wonder was later crossed with legacy strain Skunk Cheese Sativa (a strain homogenized by a guerrilla grower over several decades in the Willapa Bay area of Washington state) and as a result, Willie Cheesie was born.

Willie Cheesie was bred by David McDowell with the assistance of an unnamed breeder in the Willapa Bay area of Washington state while David was growing at a small medical dispensary on the Port of Raymond. David McDowell is the Master Grower and Co-Founder of Nerdie Birdie Farms in Port Townsend, Washington.

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This strain boasts an outstanding THC potency of 19.58% with a terpene profile of 2.31%. Willie Cheesie’s strain’s low CBD and higher THC guarantees users a strong high. According to breeders, the high begins euphorically and rises to a peak of psychoactivity and anxiety-numbing introspectiveness. The high ends more cerebral than it began and finishes by leaving one feeling refreshed and centered. Relaxing yet awake. Willie Cheesie is also notably a great aphrodisiac as it helps both partners get in the mood.

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Traumatic Stress
Traumatic Stress
Women's Health
Women's Health

Willie Cheesie is a great choice for medical patients who are looking for strong pain relief, nausea suppression, lowered anxiety, and increased blood flow. Patients looking for pain relief may find their muscles more relaxed and symptoms such as cramps, relieved. Those suffering from sexual dysfunctions may find Willie Cheesie therapeutic. Anxiety, PTSD, and ADD sufferers may find this strain rewarding as it elevates the user with energy while allowing for calm mental spaces.

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This true hybrid of two pure bloodlines is great for growers. First timers can expect a plant with amazing structure, fast flowering time, and robust immunity. Pacific Northwest growers should expect the plant to be capable of finishing in the beautiful summer months, while the bulk of its growth is indoors for the rest of the year. Greenhouse growers rejoice as this strain will exceed expectations if allowed to flourish in an indoor environment all year around.

The name "Willie Cheesie" is a pun of 'really cheesy' while referencing the Williams in the cross - spelled with I's and E's in honor of the farm’s spelling of "Nerdie Birdie." In-house this plant is nicknamed "Ras Ible" after the activist and friend. The flower can be found under the brand name "Local" in Western Washington.

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April 11, 2018


I typically go Sativa because I worry Indicas will put me to sleep but I love this Willie Cheesie! First, you can really smell both parents - the sweetness from Willy's under the stank of Cheese. It's also a really clear headed, calming (almost anti-anxiety like) high... and unless I'm crazy it totally enhances my evenings with my wife (if you know what I mean). My only complaint is the store near me in Bellingham can't keep it in stock long enough. :)

March 20, 2018

Matt C

Picked up a pre-roll of this at Reefer Den in PT on my way back to the hotel and went back the next day for another one before leaving town. Was relaxing and took the pain out of my shoulder. Will be back to get it again next time I'm in town for work.