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White Dragon

White Dragon

Indica - 100%
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Spain
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About White Dragon

For the indica lover, this strain is the bee’s knees. Eva Seeds, Spain’s favorite seed bank, has combined Northern Lights and Afghani for a 100% pure indica strain that is powerful, flavorful, but most importantly extremely reliable in its effects. This award-winning bud took home Spannabis’ Most Resinous Variety in 2012, putting this sticky icky on the map and charming Western Europe like no other.

The average THC of White Dragon is around 22%, making it a consistent high that leaves users fully sedated and happy. The woody, earthy, and spicy flavors only add to the appeal of this European strain and solidify its place in the Kush family. These thick and chunky buds are covered in resin, hence the award it took home. The little orange hairs and white trichomes barely poke through the thick layer of gooey resin that covers these olive green nugs. The aromas they give off are earthy and sweet, a lovely combination for any cannabis lover.

The White Dragon high comes in with an immediate wave of sedation and is not recommended in excess as it has the extreme likelihood of overwhelming even advanced users. It hits hard and fast, knocking you right off your feet and quickly into a couch lock that wipes all motivation off the board. Find peace and relaxation in this strain for a full night of sleep after a long work day. White Dragon is recommended as a nighttime high for this reason, even for the well-experienced user.

White Dragon is a heavy sedative and because of that it is perfect for a slew of treatments. Pain, whether chronic or due to illness or injury, stands no chance. The muscle relaxant in this strain takes away cramps, aches, muscle spasms, and tension. Utilize this bud for mental health issues such as mood disorders (bipolar, depression, anxiety, and stress), OCD, PTSD, and night terrors. If you suffer from insomnia, suffer no more. Novice users are recommended to partake with extremely low doses, if any at all.

While some of the attributes White Dragon has to offer are somewhat typical of strains of this caliber, one thing definitely makes it an anomaly. This plant has a flowering time of only 6 weeks but in that time will still produce average to above average yields if the conditions are well monitored. If left to its own devices this plant can grow up to ten feet tall, so if you are looking for something more discreet, top early and prune regularly. Enjoy this grow in a warm climate for best results.

These light green nugs might just be your next favorite sleep aid. The peaceful nature of this bud is great for use after work or after an injury for fast-acting relief. The classically delicious flavors and aromas will have you yearning for more once the smoke has dissipated.

THC Content - 22.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
White Dragon Highest Test
White Dragon Average

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