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Where’s My Bike (WMB), is a popular hybrid strain of cannabis that is incredibly Sativa-dominant. Created in Amsterdam by Karma Genetics, this strain is a cross of the ever-popular strain Amnesia and Biker Kush. Test data for this strain shows an average THC level of 26%, with the high end and low end going unreported. Likewise, there is no information regarding the CBD levels found within WMB. Although this strain originates in Europe, there has been no shortage of the plant stateside, as many cannabis users report run-ins with the strain at their local dispensary.

Like most Sativa-dominant strains of cannabis, Where’s My Bike nugs are often large, fluffy, and overgrown. The nugs are typically a drab forest green in color, with fuzzy orange hairs sparsely accenting the surface of the bud. Milky-white trichomes envelop the bud like a thick fleece blanket that’s sure to get even the most experienced smoker stoned. Out of the packaging, this bud smells of earth, herbs, and spice with berry spread evenly throughout. Excitingly, the flavor expands upon the aroma of the bud as an intense and diverse flavor profile is developed through the burning of the bud. Most note that Where’s My Bike tastes like if someone started chewing an entire pack of bubble gum and then threw in a bunch of kitchen spices for flavor. Although this description may seem a bit wonky, smokers around the world have noted that the flavor is unique and quite surprisingly tasty.

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Although the name is likely to grab your attention when you’re browsing the shelves of product at your local dispensary, it is an aptly-named strain of cannabis. The high experienced when smoking on WMB is likely to make you forget everything in your mind, including where the hell you chained your bike up. Most users can only describe this feeling as “stupid high.” This strain is known for its ability to rapidly expand your mind while locking your body onto the sofa in a state of constant relaxation. This hazy, cerebral high is sure to have your mind racing from end to end, as thoughts of euphoria and bliss race through your mind. Although this strain is not nearly as sedative as other more Indica-dominant strains, it’s physical relaxation is nothing to be overlooked. This strain is known for its ability to distract users from their negative and recursive thoughts, making it great for those that suffer from depression and anxiety in addition to chronic stress. Many users report using this strain as a tool for recuperation after an extremely mentally taxing day. It’s not recommended to use this strain during the daytime as the hazy cerebral high could lead to any number of issues such as an automobile accident.

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December 17, 2023


Tried this strain today. Really nice clear high. Feel very relaxed but not sedated. Also a great strain to enhance sex and masturbation.

April 3, 2022


Great for pain relief...even dull kidney stones

August 17, 2021

Deb Hixson

I use WMB when I have back pain & it lessens with each hit! I only wish I could buy more

April 21, 2021

Freedom Ganja

Dank, kills pain quick, manages morning nausea really well and checks all the boxes for me really. It's so dank lol.Buds are triangularly chunky with big yellowy frosty trichome goodness throughout, smells gassy and the smoke leaves a pungent but spicey/skunky scent behind.

December 16, 2020

Jeff Rodgers

I just read the review for a strain called “where’s my bike”. Just smoked some, and I gotta say, very accurate. Thank you whoever is putting this much time into describing different strains. Ohhhh. And the smoke itself is exactly what I need right now. Thanks again!!!