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If you have an insatiable sweet tooth and also feeling like melting into your couch, consider taking a few hits of Wedding Pie. Bred by the mysterious team at Cannarado Genetics, this bud is slightly indica-dominant with a genetic mixture of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. It’s highly recommended that you enjoy this bud when you have absolutely nothing on your to-do list.

While she might not seem strong at first glance, Wedding Pie’s 21% THC average tends to hit hard and fast. Flat shaped nugs are a deep green shade and while they feature a light coating of orange pistils, there’s no shortage of amber trichomes to be found. Both flavors and aromas of this strain are sweeter than you could imagine, as grapes, berries, and nuts all mingle together for a true dessert experience. Some smokers detect a hint of herbs on the exhale, stating that Wedding Pie gets slightly spicy toward the end.

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Picture for a moment what the ideal cannabis high would entail and there’s a good chance that Wedding Pie will deliver. Most users describe their experience as one that begins with a cerebral tingle that renders your brainpower useless for a while. You’ll likely feel hazy and happy without a care in the world, and this state of mind usually transitions into a physical sensation before long. It’s not uncommon to be completely couch-locked soon after you smoke, so make sure to grab a pillow and blanket before you light up.

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Those who love to indulge in a few tokes before bedtime for medicinal reasons will likely find Wedding Pie to be a perfect choice as this strain is said to be quite effective. Issues of bodily pain are often quelled easily thanks to its bold physical effects and, when coupled with her sedative nature, can be the ultimate remedy when fighting insomnia. Mental concerns including anxiety and depression may also be soothed thanks to Wedding Pie’s ability to leave you unfocused for hours on end.

In general, Cannarado Genetics is pretty good about sharing their seeds with others, but Wedding Pie seems to be the exception. It’s possible that the company isn’t planning on keeping this strain in their line-up any longer, so pay close attention to your local dispensary’s inventory levels. If you happen to come across seeds or clones of this bud, consult an expert grower before you so much as breathe on them.

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As long as you enjoy sweet strains, Wedding Pie will probably become your new go-to nightly smoke. Depending on your tolerance, you may be able to enjoy her on a relaxing weekend as well, but at first, it’s advised that you only indulge when you have hours of free time available. Make sure to eat a tasty dinner, snuggle up on the couch, and then top off the evening with this sweet gal.

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December 15, 2022

Frosty Shrubbery

Our keeper of Wedding Pie has Grape Berry with gas terps. She’s in my top 5 favorite strains for sure. Love how she grows, looks and smell. She actually taste how she smells, loud. Plus shes pretty too.

December 13, 2022

Rebecca Lynn Lloyd

This will always be one of my favorite strains to smoke or vape. I suffer from PTSD, severe anxiety and frequently have panic attacks. I have a high tolerance so W-Pie is always the perfect high. I can function but can't hold back silliness,lol I feel WAY less stress: happy thoughts, distracted like a 4 year old,lol This is a pick-me upper for sho!

August 23, 2022


I really wanted to love this strain! I mainly smoke to help with insomnia & chronic pain/tension. I've noticed a trend with cookies strains: despite the strong body effects they near unanimously make me feel energized & anxious. I hoped, based on other reviews indicating this strain would be great for sleep, that this may be a cookies that I enjoyed. However it isnt ):Tastes of sweet cakey berries with a strong base of sage-y skunkiness. Body effects are undeniable, instantly relieving all of my tension. However the euphoria is very narcotic hazy while also being pretty energizing in a creative way. This makes me feel incapacitated but also like I just drank a coffee. Makes for quite an unpleasant experience for me. If cookies strains tend to make you anxious, I would approach this one with caution as well. However if you're a fan of that lineage, this one is a unique high just make sure you don't have anything planned so you can ride out the trip!

February 27, 2021

Abraham Lore

This Zebra Cake-tasting strain will lock you down into a profound haze that isn’t too incapacitating if you’re trying to be productive. Despite its potency, I can still wake up the next morning without any residual effects. Well-rounded for medical and recreational use, though it can sometimes become anxiety-inducing in very stimulating situations.