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Created entirely by accident, the magic of the mostly-Indica Warlock comes from Magus Genetics. In the early 1990s the founder of Magus Genetics, Gerrit Slot began an outdoor grow with some landrace Afghanistan Indica seeds and Skunk #1 seeds. While growing the male Afghani plants pollinated a Skunk #1 female, creating a ton of F1 hybrid seeds. The following year Gerrit moved to an indoor setup and grew some clone that he got from a friend, as well as the Skunk #1 and the accidental hybrid seeds. As the plants grew he took notice of the fact that the hybrids were doing better than the pure Skunk plants but they lacked the flavor and aroma of the Skunk. Having run out of the pure Skunk seeds, Gerrit decided to cross the last of his female Skunks with pollen from some of the male hybrids. The children from this coupling grew as strongly as the F1 hybrids and had an even better smell and taste than the original Skunk plants. Warlock is the final result that would go on to be the mainstay of Magus Genetics, which would be used in nearly all their later strains.

Even though the strain is Indica dominant, Warlock expresses some Sativa traits not only in terms of growth but also the effects it can produce. The high starts off cerebral but then tapers off into a relaxing body buzz. It may be used to alleviate chronic aches and pains, migraines, anxiety, stress, fatigue, nausea and depression.

Warlock is a strain that can be grown well in any medium, thriving inside and outdoors in locations with warmer a autumn. It should be left in the vegetative cycle for about 35 days before forcing the flowering period, which lasts between eight and nine weeks. When grown outside, plants are ready for harvest at the end of October or early November. Since this strain will take up all the space given to it, plants will need to be well manicured to ensure maximum bud growth. Fortunately, Warlock has a high calyx-to leaf ratio.

THC Content - 19.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Warlock Highest Test
Warlock Average

Common Usage - Pain

Effects - Euphoria

Parent Strains
Countries of Origin
  • Afghanistan
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