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About Viper City OG

The breeders at Moxie 710 prefer to keep things under the radar, making Viper City OG a super mysterious and highly sought after bud. Legend has it that her genetics include Burmese Landrace and Blackseed, and while it was never confirmed in a laboratory setting, she’s measured as high as 75% THC. Hard to find outside of Southern California, Viper City OG is one of a kind.

Not including her nearly off the charts rumors, Viper City OG tends to average more around the 20% THC range, making her a good choice for most smokers. Her nugs are a stunning sight to behold featuring blue undertones, nearly clear pistils, and trichomes that are the palest of aqua. Vipers aren’t really known to be very friendly and some might say that this strain’s flavors are similar. A blend of spice, skunk, diesel, and sour fruit all mix as you inhale, often leading to a fair bit of coughing.

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True to her mostly indica-dominant roots, this strain is rumored to offer a pretty heavy high. Initially, users report that a sensation of euphoria will kick in right off the bat although it may not be as strong as you’d expect. While you’ll probably feel fairly happy, there’s no sort of social inclination here because before you know it, things begin to change. It’s not uncommon for Viper City OG to sedate you to the point of being practically comatose on the couch. Make sure to clear your calendar of all plans before you light up this bud, because you probably won’t be of much use to anyone.

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Viper City OG, when you can find it, tends to be a popular choice for medical users as it’s reported that her effects are bold enough to really make a difference. Although some say that this gal isn’t as euphoric as other strains out there, she’s still powerful enough to potentially help with the symptoms of anxiety and depression, relaxing both your body and mind in one fell swoop. Physical pain, especially cramps and migraines, can also be soothed after a few tokes, and if you want to kick insomnia to the curb, Viper City OG is likely your best bet.

Moxie 710 keeps their strains to themselves for the most part, making it very difficult to find seeds available online. It appears that some variation of Viper City OG may be for sale, but you’ll want to do your research before you buy. It’s said that plants grow to be quite tall and indoor harvests are ready after about 10 weeks. If you do come across the opportunity to cultivate this bud at home, consult with an experienced breeder just to make sure you treat her right.

If you think you have the tolerance to handle Viper City OG, she’ll welcome you with open arms. Make sure you’re prepared on all accounts from her bold flavor profile to her hard-hitting effects and you just might come away with a new favorite strain.


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