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Ultra Sonja

Ultra Sonja

Sativa - 60% Leaning
Lineage: U.K. Cheese
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About Ultra Sonja

Ultra Sonja is a sativa-dominant bud with a complex, divisive flavor and a well-balanced high. This strain is a combination of the staple U.K. Cheese and the less common Tang Tang. It offers a sour and fruity smoke that confers initially focused effects; eventually, these cerebral properties taper off into a more relaxed attitude. Ultra Sonja’s THC content has been measured at between 16% and 22%.

Ultra Sonja is marked by impressively large flowers that adhere in a solid formation, tapering down from a broad base into a pointed tip. The buds have an indica-typical structure, dense and compact at their core, with leaves curling inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a vibrant lime green and are twisted through with brown and orange hairs (which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). Finally, a sprinkling of cloudy white trichomes makes these flowers appear white and icy from afar.

The initial aromatic impression from Ultra Sonja is that of fruity and herbs, similar to a strongly-flavored tea. There are also some skunky tones lurking underneath. Grinding up the buds, meanwhile, releases the unmistakable tang of Cheese. Despite these strong and somewhat clashing odors, Ultra Sonja gives off a smooth and easily ingested smoke when burnt. This smoke tastes fruity and a bit sour on the exhale. Those toking in public should take some precautions, as this pungent strain’s smell can carry for quite a distance.

Ultra Sonja begins working soon after consumers have ingested its rich and complex smoke, exerting an increased blood pressure in the head. Besides disconcerting effects like pulsating temples and some possible flushing in the cheeks, users may notice that Ultra Sonja quickly results in a hyperactive mental state, with thoughts flowing from one to the next in rapid succession. Some ideas may seem more interesting than they otherwise might, leading to tangential internal monologues that may be disconnected from what’s going on around the consumer. This sort of in-the-zone cerebral energy can be useful for powering through analytical, work-related tasks, as it may illuminate new solutions to seemingly entrenched problems. It may also help facilitate work on creative, open-ended projects like brainstorms. For the uninitiated, Ultra Sonja’s feelings of mind race can be somewhat disorienting and possibly even panic-inducing; those able to comfortably settle into the high, though, can put its buzzy energy use in free-flowing conversation, or, if they’re alone, in some moderate physical activity. As time passes, some of the cerebral edge from Ultra Sonja’s high may begin to dissipate, giving way to a more physically relaxing feeling. Deep, restorative breathing may come more easily and any areas of lingering muscular tension may find relief. Although the strain’s mental engagement remains more or less consistent, users at this stage may feel less motivated than before, and may want to engage in more passive pursuits like snacking or binge-watching. In social situations, Ultra Sonja can be helpful in stoking giddy, free-flowing conversation, even when used among new acquaintances. The strain’s eventual combination of physical and mental stimulation can even be a potent aphrodisiac, given the right company. Because of its slow drop-off in energy levels, Ultra Sonja is recommended for consumption between afternoon and evening.

Ultra Sonja’s versatile properties can be useful for medical cannabis patients as well. It can help encourage concentration on single tasks for those with attention deficit disorders. The bud’s upbeat vibe can also temporarily improve the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. Physical benefits include a relief from chronic, disease-related aches and pains, as well as an improvement in inflammatory conditions like cramps and headaches. Because it is likely to induce strong, recursive patterns of introspective thinking, Ultra Sonja is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Although seeds of Ultra Sonja are available for sale online, home growers should evaluate the reliability of any digital retailers before making a purchase. Ultra Sonja can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor success calls for a humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Plants tend to grow tall and branchy and may need to be trimmed back early on in order to fit in limited indoor grow spaces. Ultra Sonja flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors.

If spotted on dispensary shelves, Ultra Sonja is worth grabbing for its strong but well-rounded high. Its cheesy, fruity aroma may be of particular interest to terpene lovers.

THC Content - 22.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Ultra Sonja Highest Test
Ultra Sonja Average

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