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When Dutch Passion set out to create the auto-flowering Indica - Tundra, they chose their strain Passion #1 to be the mother because of its ability to thrive in the great outdoors. The father is a ruderalis from Russia that was crossed with a hybrid of Canadian ruderalis and an Indica. Spicy and sour, Tundra tastes of citrus fruits like lemons and grapefruit. When smoked, this strain is very smooth and produces a strong effect of total relaxation but can impart users with some energy at first.

A strain that can be used by most any time of the day, it is best suited for the late afternoon and evening. It can be effective medication for those that deal with anxiety, stress, and mood disorders. Tundra may be useful in taking care of headaches and migraines.

Almost as if it were created to survive in the place for which it were named, plants of this strain are short, squat and vigorous. Resistant to mold and bud rot, Tundra can grow nearly anywhere and can be sown as soon as the last frost passes. It can grow well outdoors or inside, it does very well in hydropronic setups. Tundra reaches three and a half to four feet in height. Taking eight to eleven weeks to reach harvest these plants can produce around 30 grams per plant.

THC Content - 15.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Tundra Highest Test
Tundra Average

Common Usage - Anxiety

Effects - Euphoria

Countries of Origin
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Russian Federation
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