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About Tropicana

You may see this bud spelled with one “n” or two, but no matter what, Tropicana is a strain that should be high up on your bucket list. Created by The Social Weed in Nevada, she comes to the market with some muddled history. Various sources report different genetics, but breeders state that she’s a cross between Big Bud and White Widow.

The potency of Tropicana also seems to be in question, as some note that she’s seen as high as 27% THC, but again, breeders claim she’s more within the 15% to 17% range. Her nugs are very long and thin with a deep green base color that’s accented by orange pistils and bright white trichomes. If you enjoy fruity strains, this one is certainly for you, as both flavors and aromas feature a lemon-lime note that’s sweet and sour. Hints of berries and herbs are also included, making her fairly well-rounded.

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Some sativa-dominant strains are akin to a cup of coffee and can keep you bouncing off the walls for hours, but Tropicana is a little bit different. While most report that her high does infuse you with a decent amount of focus and energy, it probably won’t be too much to manage. Euphoria and the desire to chat with friends can also come into play here, but overall, you’ll probably be able to stay relatively on task during your high. Expect the effects of Tropicana to last quite a while, too.

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ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms

Because this strain has been said to be so mind-clearing, many therapeutic users turn to her for help with mental concerns. Dealing with ADD or ADHD can be difficult on a daily basis, yet a few puffs of this bud could help. Anxiety and depression are also often quelled and physical pain tends to be dulled by Tropicana. If you struggle with a loss of appetite, consider trying her before mealtime and see if your hunger level has increased.

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While The Social Weed is all about building a cannabis community no matter where you are, that doesn’t necessarily include sharing seeds with home growers. As the industry becomes more and more advanced, it’s often more difficult to cultivate your own bud at home, and Tropicana is one of those plants that you’ll likely never see in your own backyard.

Instead of feeling bummed about not growing her yourself, try to find her at your local dispensary and stock up as best as you can. While most users note that she’s a great daytime companion, it’s always wise to try a new strain when you have nothing on your calendar to see how you react to it. Once you’ve seen what she can do, work Tropicana into your daily routine.

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March 20, 2022


a delayed creeper that takes aboit 30 mins to kick in, but then it's a really strong sativa high for 3 hours. Lots of reviews call it energizing but I find it relaxing too, 70/30 sounds about right. Been imbibing weed for 20 years and this is one of the strongest strains I've had... it's full spectrum. Taste is classic tropical taste profile with mild citrus and a minty freshness, perfect for the warmer months

July 27, 2021

Melanie Kinanahan

Tropicana strain is a top shelf in my city it is so good it takes me back to when I was a little girl and I smelt it when my dad was smoking it his regular I don't know what kind of weed he had but Tropicana takes me back to before I was even smoking that stuff is great the cheapest I found it is 65 and 8th

October 10, 2020


Tropicanna (AKA: Tropicana) by Cannabiotix (CBX) is an Indica Dominate Hybrid containing 29% THC! Firm sticky olive green buds with amber pistils & coated in frosty white trichomes. Smells & tastes are fruity citrus lemon lime. Effects are your clear headed Sativa high causing happy uplifting energy. This strain by CBX won second place for best Sativa at High Times World & Michigan! A Top Shelf flower indeed! Happy Sedation.....