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Trinity is a rare, and highly coveted Sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. The taste of the smoke is sweetly berry with a hint of pine - no doubt a delicious combination. The aroma is equally pleasant, pungent and crisp, although some would say it is too powerful. The lingering skunky odor may prove a burden to some especially when trying to keep the smell concealed.

The lineage of Trinity is rather mysterious, although the most prevalent info seems to suggest it is a cross breed of a handful of Northern Californian cannabis strains. Purple Kush is rumored to have been used in the cross, but not much information exists on the strain, giving Trinity a mysterious aura and cult status. The origin point of the strain was in Wichita, Kansas by one Jeremy P. who apparently brought the Trinity to Montana as well as supplying friends with the strain in Oregon as well.

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The effects of Trinity are said to be uplifting and potent, the strain offering a powerful punch. Users can expect to feel their inspiration soar and creative juices to begin flowing, as the enjoyable euphoria relaxes their body and uplifts their mind. These effects make Trinity an excellent strain to help those suffering from depression or anxiety, and is great in relieving stress. The deep relaxation Trinity offers on the come down from the initial stoney punch is a great night time smoke for those suffering from insomnia. Trinity can also prove effective in diminishing symptoms of Gastrointestinal disorder. Many also use the strain to treat the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trinity can also offer pain relief for those suffering from arthritis. 

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage


Trinity has a flowering time of 40 to 48 days indoors. It is a strain that offers a bountiful yield, so coupled with the fast grow time it really is a treat for growers, especially considering the strong, long lasting effects of the smoke. Trinity grows short and stout, growing well in small spaces. It has quite an interesting color palette, with hues of green, orange, purple and white giving Trinity an other wordly and enticing look.

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October 6, 2023


Truly one of the very best strains I’ve ever had personally. It made its way in the mid 90’s to STL! IT WAS A JAR ONLY STRAIN, (PLASTIC BAGS JUST A WASTE) AS TRUE TRINITY LOOKS LIKE IT SNOWED ON IT. I wish I could find it these days after two back surgeries and being a caregiver….

October 10, 2022


Growing this gem atm and her aroma is amazing. Short and stout she is growing a special small personal batch of buds ♥️Can’t wait!

January 24, 2021


This is my daytime flower. Strong buzz but leaves you feeling very creative and up. I do this when I go hiking or working around the house. Long lasting buzz too. If your into social distancing then take some of this and go for a hike somewhere near you....

May 23, 2019

retired guy vancouver

i am not a religious person because i am reasonable, but please let me say this is "god tier" extract.

July 2, 2018

Lari Bollinger

Trinity is an Eugene Oregon strain that is closely guarded by myself and only 2 others I am aware of. Cuttings are nearly impossible to get and if you want seed forget about it. Talk to me next year! Trained by Ananda who grew with Soma.