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Tommy’s Home Grown

Tommy’s Home Grown

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: United States
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About Tommy’s Home Grown

An incredibly buzzy high that is Chong Certified, Tommy’s Home Grown is an exclusive and sought after bud that you’ll fall head over heels for… if you can get it that is. This well-balanced hybrid is found only at one dispensary worldwide and has a waiting list as long as your arm. Hailing from Encanto Green Cross in Phoenix, AZ this rare beauty’s heritage is kept under lock and key.

The high THC levels are only one of the many reasons to love Tommy’s Home Grown. These tropically flavored, minty green and orange-haired buds offer an array of zesty aromas and tastes as well as a myriad of desirable effects. The nutty spiciness on the nose paired with the fruity essence on the tongue will have you reaching for this oversized bud time and time again.

Upon the first hit you’ll feel a full body buzz come on immediately, followed by an arousing and uplifting energy that stays with you for a while. This high is best described as happy to the bone, leaving you giggly and euphoric. As you make your way to Munchieville, the buzzy feeling spreads throughout your limbs and up to your head, giving you an ultimate cerebral high that kicks your body into high gear and leaves you feeling horny and hungry. On the comedown, you’ll feel utterly relaxed and blissful. Creative types take note - this strain will help you get over any dry spell that you’ve been experiencing.

If you thought this was a strictly recreational bud you couldn’t be more wrong. Tommy’s Home Grown is the perfect blend of stimulating and sedative, making this strain ideal for anyone who suffers from mood disorders such as stress, depression, bipolar, or anxiety. Its stimulating properties are also great for digestion, nausea, and a lack of appetite as it leaves users feeling relaxed and hungry. Novice users should be sure to take this bud slowly as it can sneak up on you and become overwhelming quickly.

In spite of the name, this rarity doesn’t appear to be available for home growers. As the buds themselves can only be found in one shop across the globe, the seeds are even harder to come across and therefore is not recommended for home systems due to a lack of growing information.

Loved by artists, stoners, and marijuana lovers the world over, this certified special strain is one to try if you are ever in the Phoenix area. If you’re local, count your lucky stars that this unique and flavorful strain is at your fingertips, as it is sure to be your next addiction.

THC Content - 19.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Tommy’s Home Grown Highest Test
Tommy’s Home Grown Average

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