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About Titan OG

Aptly named by breeders at Northern Emeralds, Titan OG is a strain that should be taken seriously. While her exact genetic makeup is unknown, it’s rumored that she’s part of the SFV OG Kush family. Known for producing exceptional bud, this Humboldt County creation is slightly indica-dominant and should be enjoyed sparingly to avoid overwhelming sedation.

Imagine a picture-perfect nug in your mind and that’s exactly what Titan OG looks like, often boasting up to 28% THC in her neat little buds. Each one is mint green with a thick carpet of pistils and a plethora of chunky trichomes. True to her supposed heritage, this strain smells and tastes of spicy citrus mixed with a sour, earthy note, accented by a bit of kush just to round things out. Although she’s best enjoyed after dinner, Titan OG shouldn’t be considered a dessert strain by any stretch.

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Only true cannabis lovers will appreciate all that Titan OG has to offer, because before you end up feeling her relaxing effects, it’s likely that you’ll experience a pretty significant lift. Many report that a wave of joy coupled with intense creativity wash over you right off the bat, allowing you to make progress on long-forgotten projects or even enjoy a stimulating conversation with others. Use this time wisely because no matter how strongly you fight it, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll end up horizontal for a good period of time.

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When you’re in need of serious therapeutic relief, Titan OG could be the answer to your prayers. Many who use cannabis for medical purposes find that it can help to ease the symptoms associated with depression, PTSD, and anxiety, making it nearly impossible to form a worrisome thought. Bodily pain may very well also be soothed after a few tokes of this potent bud, and if you struggle to get a good night of sleep, go to town with Titan OG and see how refreshed you feel in the morning.

Breeders at Northern Emeralds pride themselves on their unique growing methods as they’re committed to producing some of the finest cannabis around. It’s their goal to ensure that every strain with their name on it is exceptional. What does that mean for home cultivators? Well, you’re pretty much out of luck when it comes to including Titan OG in your garden. Seeds and clones appear to be unavailable for this and any other strain by this team.

If you live in Northern California then Titan OG might already be a part of your regular cannabis line-up, but if not, consider making a drive to a dispensary that stocks this powerful bud. Those who appreciate classic flavors and a good mixture of effects will certainly see why she’s so popular but keep in mind that you’ll need to take things easy. Newer smokers should probably steer clear of Titan OG while those who are more experienced will enjoy all she has to offer.


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