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History & Genetics

The Thin Mint Cookies cannabis strain is a phenotype or lookalike of the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain. While not an exact hereditary replica of Girl Scouts, Thin Mint Cookies is similar in its observable characteristics. The strain became a hybrid when crossed with OG Kush and Durban Poison. An almost perfectly balanced hybrid, Thin Mint Cookies is 50 percent sativa and 50 percent indica.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

The buds of Thin Mint Cookies smell like mint, hence the name, and taste sweet. Purple and dark green, this strain has a dense coat of crystals. As a hybrid and a copy of a legendary strain, Thin Mint marshals the forces of indica and sativa to give a powerfully blended potency.

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite


Thin Mint Cookie aficionados describe the sensation as both mental and physical. The body may feel sleepy and hungry, while the mind stays active and creative.

THC Content











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This strain can be great for the medically needy as it's know to treat the pain, nausea, and appetite loss often found in serious disorders. THC content is high but CBD levels are low, making it unsuitable to calm seizure sufferers. Choose it for the sleepy effect and the waves of pain relief.

While it's reported to alleviate insomnia, arthritis, and stress, casual and recreational users often choose this strain due to its name recognition. In 2013, Thin Mint Cookies' parent, Girl Scout Cookies, won 1st place for a Hybrid in the Cannabis Cup held in Denver, CO. The Thin Mint Cookie strain has placed in the top three in competitions in California and Washington.

To differentiate the strains, experts in the laboratory focus on the terpene and cannabinoid profiles because all cannabis buds produce THC. High terpene content found in Thin Mint Cookies suggests its ancestry to Girl Scout Cookies, the caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool say Kush, while THCV indicates Durban Poison.

Because it is a child of famous strain, the hereditary lineage of Thin Mint Cookies is of interest. The original breeders of Girl Scout Cookies told High Times magazine that they crossed a mystery strain (F1) that they called their "secret sauce" with Durban Poison and OG Kush.

High Times' laboratory analysis of a Girl Scout Cookie lookalike found (in percent mass): 1.16% CBG; 22.3% THC; 0.07% THCV; 0.17% linalool; 0.39% myrcene; 0.37% limonene; 0.71% caryophyllene.

A phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, the Thin Mint Cookie cannabis strain is a lookalike with similar properties. The strain provides potent medical relief due to its sleep-inducing properties, pain relief, and nausea relief. Recreational users may appreciate it for its cerebral and creative effects.


March 7, 2024

Gnome CHompsky

This is the stuff to smoke when you've had a really bad day, it will turn it all around. Had to smoke this a couple of times before I could really figure it out... this last time I really enjoyed it. Very relaxing but not sedative. Happy-for-no-reason feels, positive vibes, high self esteem energy... I even tried to think negative thoughts just for the hell of it, couldn't do it. Music sounds great on this too. Peace!

March 13, 2022


My first review but I felt it necessary as this is the best all-around hybrid out there. Trust me, I vape cartridges and have become obsessed with trying every hybrid and indica strain I can get my hands on. This - and anything made with it - is the single best anxiety killer I have found. I have really bad anxiety; like the kind you carry around with you everywhere and manifests itself as a tightness in your chest. Anyone who knows bad anxiety knows that feeling in your chest - it’s awful, it’s chronic, and incredibly hard to get rid of. Indica strains have mixed results, but even if they help they usually make me too tired. GSC not only improves my mood and helps my brain stop obsessing over problems, but it’s one of the only strains I’ve tried that actually gets rid of that anxious tightness in my chest. It also helps me get motivated to do things and is amazing as a social lubricant. It’s definitely a talkative weed. I mean, anxiety is what makes most people shy, but you don’t even remember what being shy is when you’re on this stuff. Helps with nausea and appetite loss and depending on your batch can be energizing or super relaxing. If I have any complaint it’s just that every batch I’ve had, every brand I’ve tried, is so different from the other it’s crazy. I wish it was a bit more consistent, but there are a lot of options out there. Overall, they still have the same general effects, but I’ve had GSC that makes me a little sleepy and is super relaxing, and on the other hand I tried another brand recently that hit harder than any GSC I’ve had before, was super euphoric, energizing, giggly, social, and motivating. Some seem to be more indica-dominant and others lean more towards the sativa side. Truly a gift and better than any pill I’ve ever taken.Your head stays clear so you can also function, so for me, I have yet to find another strain that gives me the best of all worlds. I wish I could just stay on this all day every day but

March 3, 2021

Luis McCauley

Very good and long lasting high. I’m using a cartridge for this strain.

February 16, 2021


Nice and clean. Not a fuzzy high but mind clearing, great for day time smoking.

September 7, 2020

Jason Long

i love the taste just like my favorite cookies from the scouts. Best strain for nausea for sure. It's amazing and has different benefits than GSC, also great on pain and insomnia my chill time. Strain definitely makes me happy just as good as GSC like I said, but love this for its ability to make my stomach feel right.