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The Fork

The Fork

Sativa - 70% Leaning
Lineage: Hawaiian
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About The Fork

There’s a funny story about The Fork, a sativa-dominant strain bred by Colorado Seed Inc. Apparently, growers there were experimenting with three different Hawaiian strains and instead of labeling them, used a fork, spoon, and knife. The one that showed the most promise? The Fork. Beyond that, this strain’s genetics are unknown and even some of the general statistics about this bud are controversial.

It’s rumored that The Fork carries a THC level of about 27%, and while this isn’t confirmed directly by the breeders, it makes sense due to her strong effects. What’s more, her nugs are rich in trichomes, bright pistils, and enough resin to make your mouth water. A complex blend of flavors, no doubt due to the legend of her Hawaiian heritage, includes pineapple, berries, earth, and herbs for a delicious toke.

Rarely do we say this, but buckle up when it comes to this strain. The Fork comes in with a full powered set of effects that take you on a rollercoaster of a high. Initially, users will notice their mood lifted to insane heights while being accompanied by a creative surge of energy. Somewhat focused and somewhat stoney, you’ll be able to spend hours on a single project. Prepare yourself though, because when you come crashing down, you’ll likely be in a state of couch lock for the remainder of the night.

With such a strong dose of cannabinoids there’s no question why medical users turn to The Fork for sweet, sweet relief. Although the bulk of this bud provides a sense of energy that can transform nearly any ailment into a distant memory, it’s the comedown that’s often just as appealing. Whether you suffer from physical or mental concerns, The Fork’s potency tends to smooth out the rough edges. Time your dose accordingly to ensure that you’ll be snuggled up on the couch toward the end of the high.

Growing The Fork would no doubt bring a nice little personal stash into your life, but let’s stop to think for a moment. If the original breeders didn’t even take the time to name the strain or label it carefully, do you really think there are clones or seeds on the market? We’d guess not, so for now, you’ll have to stock up whenever you see this bud at your local dispensary.

For those who are limited in their supply, save The Fork for the days when it will matter the most. Combat that raging headache, gear up for a house party that would end in you sleeping on the living room floor anyway, or simply get back into that long forgotten art project - The Fork is a jack of all trades that offers strong effects for just about everyone.

THC Content - 27.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
The Fork Highest Test
The Fork Average

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