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Thai Tanic
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Thai-Tanic is a Sativa dominant hybrid that tastes of chocolate and a light tangy citrus flavor. This strain produces the warm euphoric blanket of happiness common to many Sativas. It is also a strain that does not cloud the mind but rather clears it for most experienced users. It is also widely-reported as mentally-stimulating leaving users with enhanced creativity and thoughtfulness.

There is rarely a body high but a few users report feeling a light one. Having slightly fewer negative effects than other strains, users still may experience dry eyes and mouth, dizziness and anxiety when consumed in higher doses.

As a good strain for morning use, it is most often recommended to patients dealing with overwhelming stress and anxiety. Despite being a Sativa with little to no body effects some users find Thai-Tanic helps them manage minor aches and pains. Others use the strain to calm nauseous stomachs and to induce an appetite.

Thai-Tanic was the idea of the Flying Dutchmen by crossing an landrace pure Sativa Thai and Skunk #1 for a strain that is generally 85 percent Sativa. Yielding only about 125 grams per square meter on average the strain makes up for it with THC counts reportedly up to 15 percent. A little more compact than a pure Sativa Thai -Tanic grows best indoors and flowers for between nine and twelve weeks.

THC Content - 15.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Thai Tanic Highest Test
Thai Tanic Average

Common Usage - Pain

Parent Strains
Countries of Origin
  • Netherlands
  • Thailand
  • United States
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