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About Syrup OG

Syrup OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that leans on a powerful genetic legacy. It is a cross between Cookies and the infamous OG Kush -- not just any OG Kush, though; the first Syrup OG’s mother plant was a clone taken from an original OG Kush plant dating from the 1970s. With such a prestigious background, it’s hard for this strain to disappoint. It offers long-lasting relaxation, although not without some measure of mental stimulation. Not only did Syrup OG win the title of Best Indica in the 2014 Hempcon Kush Cup hosted in San Bernardino, California, it was also recognized as having the Highest Terpene Count in the 2015 Chalice Cup. Syrup OG’s THC content has been measured at as high as a jaw-dropping 33%.

Syrup OG distinguishes itself with impressively large flowers. These chunky buds are rounded in shape, if not exactly spherical. They cling together in a very dense, tightly-packed formation, typical of so many other indica varieties. The flowers’ tightly-curling leaves are a vibrant shade of spring green and are threaded through with a preponderance of pale brown pistils. Finally, the “syrup” in this strain’s name refers to its high production of sticky, syrupy resin -- and indeed, these buds are coated in translucent amber trichomes that give them a dewy appearance and account for the strain’s high psychoactivity.

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When properly cured, Syrup OG explodes with woodsy notes of pine and cedar. Less pleasant and lurking underneath this earthy bouquet is a tangy, skunky odor. When broken apart or ground up, Syrup OG’s dense flowers give off notes of spice and incense, likely passed on from the Hindu Kush indica landrace in parent strain OG Kush’s lineage. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, this strain gives off a pungent, acrid smoke that may be hard on the lungs and induce coughing. On the exhale, however, this thick smoke has a festive, almost Christmas-y taste, with a clean and peppery pine finish.

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Syrup OG offers a slow, creeping high that may take several minutes before beginning to reveals its effects. At first, smokers may notice a feeling thickness on the tongue, as well as a mounting heaviness in the eyelids and around the temples. Soon after, waves of relaxation spread down from the neck and through the core and limbs. Despite these mellow effects, however, users are still able to maintain a lucid train of thought. Under the right circumstances, some may even find themselves stimulated by their surroundings into a sublime state of creativity. Syrup OG can be great for working on imaginative, artistic projects, or for kicking off an innovative, free-associative round of brainstorming. As time wears on or as dosage is increased, the likelihood of couchlock increases. If they have on other obligations, smokers will be content to remain motionless while enjoying a snack or a particularly trippy movie. Syrup OG’s easygoing, relaxing vibes are just as enjoyable with friends as they are in isolated solo settings. Because of the strain’s backslide into sedation -- or even sleep -- this bud is recommended for use during the early evening or nighttime.

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This strain’s calming effects can also be of use to medical cannabis patients. Because it contains small amounts CBD, the compound in cannabis that amplifies its therapeutic physical effects, Syrup OG is an effective means of relief for those suffering from chronic, disease-related pain. As noted, in high enough doses, it can also lull users to sleep, thus serving as a handy aid for insomniacs. Psychologically speaking, the strain’s soothing energy may temporarily numb the troubling symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. Because it does not often result in the kind recursive cerebral thinking that leads to paranoia, Syrup OG is recommended for those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

No large-scale breeders have made seeds of Syrup OG available for sale online. As such, prospective growers must obtain clippings from mature plants of the strain in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” Although there is little information available on best cultivation practices for this specific strain, we know that, like many hybrids, it can be grown indoors or outdoors in warm, semi-humid climates. Additionally, the strain’s indica roots suggest that its plants grow short and bushy, with strong lateral branches, and are easily accommodated in indoor growing spaces using the “sea of green” growing technique.

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Enjoy Syrup OG for its plentiful, award-winning terpene profile. On top of its standout flavor, the strain’s thorough feeling of relaxation can be a great way to wind down after a long day.


May 30, 2019


Heavy hitting indica with about a 10-15 minute onset. Significant repeat for physical pain. Smells earthy undertones almost like it’s Girl Scout cookie parent with a pine-y/gasoline like overtones.

December 4, 2018


One of the best OG's in SoCal. The bud is so sticky I stuck it to the wall and it is stayed there for hours. The smell is piney fuel with skunk hashish. The taste leaves your mouth wanting more. The high is stronger than a dab. Its is basically a cosmic blast off! Highly recommended!