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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Canada
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About Sweet Dreams

Perhaps the Eurythmics were singing about this strain in their classic song? It’s possible, but not likely. Sweet Dreams is a well-kept secret by BC Bud Depot, leaving everyone who loves the strain to speculate its parentage. One thing that is absolutely certain - if you find yourself in the Vancouver area, you must try this nighttime bud.

The THC levels of Sweet Dreams vary widely, with the net being cast anywhere from 15% to 24%, though the more common finding is a solid 15%. Despite the swinging THC levels, this remains a potent bud highly recommended as a before bed toke. The flowers of this plant are medium in size and produce bright green nugs with amber hairs and light colored trichomes. The aromas are quite skunky, berry forward, and earthy with flavors that fall into that same range, with the only real difference being a citrusy taste in the smoke.

If you are hoping for some solid dreams, this little sweetie is your next go-to gal. She’s a creeper, but when she hits, she hits hard and with a burst of happiness. The high begins in your head, moving down your shoulders and through your core, relaxing your muscles and inducing couch lock. The strong buzzing feeling stays with you through to the comedown, which more often than not results in a deep and uninterruptible sleep. If you are one who is susceptible to the munchies, you may want to keep a bag of chips close to your nightstand.

For medical uses, Sweet Dreams is perfect for easing off the symptoms of depression, bipolar, anxiety, stress, and other mood disorders that affect your sleep and wake habits. As it is a strong sedative, it also a top-rated sleep aid and will help with insomnia, inflammation, night pains, night terrors, and restless leg syndrome. New or novice users are advised to proceed with caution as this is a creeper strain, and if you are not sure how you will react, it’s best to take it slow.

To grow the garden of your dreams, all you’ll need is a really green thumb. Sorry to break it to you newbies, but this isn’t the plant for the faint of heart. Although it will produce an above average yield, it may take a little elbow grease to get you there. The flowering time on this strain is around 7 to 8 weeks and she will happily survive indoors or out.

Enjoy this evening strain after a long, hard day at work and get a solid night of sleep after just a couple of puffs. You may feel like it’s not hitting you, but give it a minute and feel all your stresses of the day wash away. If you are one who struggles with mental health issues or physical discomfort that induces sleepless nights, you have found your new favorite sleepy time buddy. After all, it isn’t called Sweet Dreams for nothing.

THC Content - 24.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Sweet Dreams Highest Test
Sweet Dreams Average

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