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British Columbia Seed Company just gave us all one more reason to Netflix and chill. This arousing bud is a cross between Northern Lights #5 and Hindu Kush, giving Super Kush the tasty smoke and lush appearance of each parent. Best of luck to anyone trying to find this strain outside of the West Coast, because this lady is mostly only sold in Canada, Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Considering that THC levels in this bud have a sweeping range of anywhere between 15% to 22% on average, this is a surprisingly mild high that is a great beginner strain for new users. These aqua colored buds are covered in orange hairs and give off earthy and floral aromas reminiscent of dried flower petals. The flavors fall in that range as well, with an added hint of pine to spice things up.

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As mentioned before, the high is quite mild and is highly recommended for first time or novice smokers. The effects stay mostly in your head, an unusual trait for a strain with indica qualities, with some minor tingles creeping around your belly and into your limbs. Many users have reported that those tingles have traveled south, giving them the urge to reach for their partner and get busy. While this doesn’t happen for everyone, it is common.

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ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Symptoms

Medically, this is a great choice for a myriad of mood disorders as it soothes the mind and allows sufferers of depression, stress, bipolar, and anxiety to feel at ease. The uptick in happiness is long-lasting and although the high is relaxing, it won’t make you unmotivated. As CBD levels are too low to measure, it is not recommended to treat illnesses reliant on that chemical solely with this strain. Conditions such as seizures, muscle spasms, or severe chronic pain are best treated with something else. With that said, mild cases of pain, insomnia, and tension can benefit from Super Kush.

This isn’t just a great strain for first-time smokers, as Super Kush is ideal for first-time growers too. It flowers best indoors and is typically ready for harvest at 7 to 8 weeks. If left unattended it will grow quite tall, which can be tricky for an apartment or certain housing arrangements, so prune often.

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There’s been a rumor that Canadians are, by nature, incredibly nice people and after giving us a bud like this we are inclined to agree. Super Bud’s mild effects keep you functional while easing woes and loosening up your body for whatever shenanigans you might get into.

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August 8, 2020


Super kush shatter is amazing. It is definitely not something to smoke if you need to get stuff done. Relax and enjoy this shit for night time trust me it’s a knock you out strain!

February 15, 2019


I've grown this..lovenit.. Plant didn't always like full sun but the nugs were solid very little shrinkage and the smell is turpy.