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Sunset Haze

Sunset Haze

Hybrid - 50%
Lineage: Tangerine Haze
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Unknown
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About Sunset Haze

This evenly-balanced, richly-flavored blend is the perfect strain for anyone who loves a hybrid. The unknown breeders of Sunset Haze managed to bring out all of the most intriguing parts of both parents in appearance, flavor, and effects. After crossing Tangerine Haze and Rocky Mountain Blueberry, we are left with a high scoring bud that is both hazy by nature and potent as can be by nurture.

With moderately high THC levels averaging at 17%, this bud packs a consistent punch that users can expect to be typically Hazey in nature. Much like its name would suggest, Sunset Haze nugs are brightly colored, creating the illusion of a setting sun. These bright green flowers are covered with even brighter orange, pink, and red hairs that cover the entire bloom. These hairs are punctuated by crystal white trichomes that give it a glistening ‘sunshine off the ocean’ feel. The flavor profile is definitely that of its parents, with juicy sweet citrus and rich berry and watermelon overtones. The aromas boast blueberry and tangerine scents with little hints of hash on the back end of the smoke.

The Sunset Haze high is fast-acting and will have you lifted off of your chair after just one puff. Like a wave crashing against a rock, you’ll suddenly be filled with a surge of tingles that leave you completely relaxed and utterly creative. Suddenly focused and elated, the cerebral rush comes in almost immediately and lasts throughout the rest of the high. If you are easily swayed by your cannabis, you might also find yourself totally aroused. Don’t sweat it, that’s normal. Like all ups though, this too must come down. This heavy decline of this bud most certainly ends in sleep and will leave you totally refreshed the next day. Newer smokers should be aware that this is an intense high and may prove too much for some.

This strain works wonders for an array of issues because it is a mild muscle relaxant as well as a revitalizing high. Users love it for mild to moderate pain, chronic fatigue, and insomnia. Users that struggle with mood disorders such as depression, stress, or bipolar love this strain for its mood stimulating properties. Be aware that because it does give users a boost in energy it’s not recommended for night time use, however, it is highly suggested for late afternoon to evening use as you will be coming down right around bedtime.

Growing Sunset Haze is a bit of a mystery outside of the following simplified information: flower time, height, and yield. The flowering time of this strain is around 7 weeks and is best suited for temperature controlled systems. Be it indoor or out, climate control is important to the success of the plant. The plants grow to a medium height and in the right conditions will produce an average to above average yield.

Sunset Haze is the perfect high for anyone who loves Haze family genes. They tend to have you feeling creative, however, dumbfounded it may also leave you. The mental stimulation paired with the physical heaviness of the strain is the perfect balance for dinner time smokers. You won’t find yourself couch locked, necessarily, but you will want to stay close to your bed for that come down.

THC Content - 17.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Sunset Haze Highest Test
Sunset Haze Average

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