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Strawberry Mango Haze

Strawberry Mango Haze

Sativa - 70% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About Strawberry Mango Haze

Don’t let the dynamic flavor of Strawberry Mango Haze distract you -- this is one bud with long-lasting sativa power. Created by breeders Flash Seeds, this strain is a cross between Kyle Kushman’s legendary Strawberry Cough and tropical sativa Mango Haze. It offers smokers all-day sedation alongside its deeply aromatic smoke. Its THC content has been measured at between 13% and 23%.

This strain has some serious bag appeal, with flowers that immediately catch the eye. When properly trimmed, Strawberry Mango Haze’s buds are medium to large in size and adhere in a sativa-typical structure, with loose, fluffy-looking leaves that twist loosely outward from their central stems. These leaves are a mottled mix of sage green and purple, with the latter due to a high concentration of the pigment anthocyanin. Vibrant orange pistils and glittering white trichomes make these flowers even more colorful.

While you might not pick up on any mango on a first whiff of these flowers, you are likely to get a big hit of fresh strawberries, with parent strain Strawberry Cough’s scent predominating. Grinding up the buds, meanwhile, yields a rich, peppery odor. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Strawberry Mango Haze burns with an exceptionally smooth and palatable smoke. This smoke tastes fruity with some accents of tropical citrus on the exhale.

With buzzy sativa Haze in its family tree, you better expect this fast-acting strain to hit you soon after you’ve ingested its flavorful smoke. At first, it can exert some increased blood flow to the head, creating a sense of pressure in the temples. Once this odd physical sensation passes, however, consumers are likely to notice that their thoughts have taken on a more active bent. Ideas may take on a new intensity that they might not otherwise have had; ideas can also jump from one to the next in free association. This mental engagement can allow busy users to work their way through a long list of detailed and analytical tsks. For those feeling less productive, however, the strain’s heady effects are more than enough to provide some background entertainment during mundane tasks like laundry or doing the dishes. Strawberry Mango Haze can also create some odd sensory distortions, include a flattening of the user’s field of visual depth and an inexplicable sense that time is passing more slowly.

Even as time wears on, the strain’s mental energy tends not to dissipate and smokers may only feel some slight bodily relaxation. Strawberry Mango Haze can be of particular use in social settings, where it can encourage lively conversation and camaraderie. Because of its mostly engaged, upbeat mood, Strawberry Mango Haze is recommended for consumption during the day, or even as an addition to coffee for a wake-and-bake treat.

Strawberry Mango Haze may also have several users for medical cannabis patients. Its initially cerebral mindset can help those with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on one task at a time. Additionally, its upbeat and mildly trippy effects can help those with mild to moderate stress or depression to spend their more presently and consciously. On the physical end of the spectrum, this strain can soothe deep-seated aches and pains as well as minor, everyday irritations like cramps and nausea. Because its fast-moving thought patterns can turn paranoid in the wrong set and setting, Strawberry Mango Haze is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

Luckily for home growers, seeds of this dynamic strain are available for sale online. It can be cultivated indoors or out; if grown outdoors, it’s known to be resistant to pests. If left untouched, plants of Strawberry Mango Haze can reportedly reach as high as 12 feet tall; as such, indoor gardeners should be sure to trim back some height early on in the growing process. Those looking to bring out this bud’s impressive shades of purple should expose their crops to cold (but not freezing) nighttime temperatures just before flowering begins. Some patience is required with this strain, as it flowers after a long 11 o 12 weeks.

Thanks to its stimulated thinking and sensory richness, Strawberry Mango Haze is a great bud to enjoy on a trip to the great outdoors. Its complex flavor profile also makes it a must-have for terpene nerds.

THC Content - 23.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Strawberry Mango Haze Highest Test
Strawberry Mango Haze Average

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